Riding my bike in the basement.

Day 3

Bump it up…I have my workouts Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning. Usually, Wednesday all I do is walk George the dog. Today, I rode my bike in the basement for a half hour and sprinted a few of the commercials.  The sprinting is key, boost the metabolism, and puts you into a fat burning mode.

Small changes can make a big difference. Working on the menopausal belly.

I would love to hear from you. What are you doing for exercise?



“8 miles in a 7:05 pace.”

I was able to run that pace for that distance as a training run at one point in my life.

I have been watching Casey Neistat’s videos. I am a bit obsessed. I love his energy and enthusiasm.  Have you heard of him? He has quite the following, kids love him! The reason why I am writing about Casey is that he loves to run. He lives in NYC and he films some of his runs. You can just feel the energy. He announces his distance and his time when he is done. ” I just finished 8 miles in a 7:05 pace.”

I don’t run much anymore. It doesn’t serve my body, too much impact. I don’t really miss running but I do miss the feeling of being comfortable running that fast. “In the zone.”

What to do? I focus on what I am able to do and improve on that.

I work out 3 times a week with my class. It is a wonderful workout and takes care of everything. Endurance, Strength, and Flexibility. I have a wonderful community. We laugh, talk out our problems, cover all the bases.

We do run 1/2 mile or so as a warm-up. I do enjoy that. I don’t always run as a warm up. I have learned to listen to my body and not push through. I am fit… my program works. #fitandfabulous

Here is the link to learn more about my workouts. If you are local, come join us. Commit to 2-3 times a week and you too will be Fit and Fabulous! I am putting together an afternoon class in the fall. Let me know if you are interested. I am working on time and days now.

That is it for now!



Is exercise FUN movement for you?

I am taking Dr. Northrup’s online course Ageless Goddess. Dr. Northrup talks about the importance of movement and doing something that you love. You need to move and do something that you love.

Is exercise Fun movement for you?

I love exercise, I always loved gym class. I especially love working out with people. Doing mountain climbers at home by myself doesn’t thrill me, if I do them to music suddenly it becomes Fun. I love my classes and working out together, we laugh, have a good time and workout all at the same time.

I did take a few dance classes a few years ago and they were not fun for me.  I was the lady in the back row that was three steps behind. I would need to work at it and keep going for them to be fun. I do think about taking tap classes, I think that would be a good time!

What do you consider FUN movement? Yoga, running, skiing, hiking,??? Make it part of your routine to create happiness, joy and the outcome…FIT AND FABULOUS!

This is Fun for me! Working out outside in the sunshine with George the dog running around.


A Fit and Fabulous Workout!

Here is an example of one one of my Fit and Fabulous workouts. Do this two to three times a week. These workouts are very effective, fat burning, boost your metabolism , strengthens your core. Your low back will thank you.  You will feel long and lean when you are finished.

Warm -up…move around before starting the  workout, walk your dog around the block first , do a few hips circles, pick your knees up. You get the picture.

1. 4 minutes of mountain climbers

one minute rest

2. Strength training repeat three times.

one minute rest

3. Foundation Training

Exercise, take your vitamins, and eat a low-glycemic diet and you will be on your way to Fit and Fabulous! I am offering a free health coaching session to get you started. Contact me if you are ready to be Fit and Fabulous.

Looking at a life in a different way:)

Looking at  life in a different way:)


Mountain Climbers and Burpees, oh my!


Rainy Saturday morning , here is a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout for you. It is not pretty but I did it. Burpees add a whole new meaning to the workout. So effective! You can always modify and do the exercises off a chair or start out with just two minutes. Let me know how you do.

20 seconds on 10 seconds rest

2 rounds of mountain climbers

2 rounds of burpees

Repeat the rounds and DONE! It is a challenge and you are finished in four minutes. Perfect. I have it all timed out for you. Do it with me.

Here is the link to the long and lean foundation training. Click on foundation training in the post.


I have been reading, Dr. Northrup’s NY times best seller. Are  you reading it? Dr. Northrup loves HIIT workouts as well.

Dr. Northrup's book


Learn more about joining Team Northrup with me here.

I have the inside scoop on amazing Ageless Goddess’ supplement pac. On your way to fabulous, vibrant and healthy! I can customize a energizing pac for you here. #fitandfabulous #agelessgoddesses


4 minutes of Fat Burning Mountain Climbers!!!

HIT…have you heard of it? High Intensity Training! This is what you need to do if you want to Boost your Metabolism and burn Fat. Skip the details, bottom line… Just do it!

Do it with me you don’t need a timer, I timed it for you.

George the dog makes an appearance!

Jump start your morning walk!

We are streamlining OutdoorFit into 2 amazing workouts a week during the summer months. Wednesdays and Fridays 7:30 AM.

I have been working on what I need to do to keep in shape without doing too much. I want my body to be strong, vibrant and healthy. I don’t want to deal with overuse issues.

Yesterday morning, I dropped Thomas off at Dorbrook park for camp. Dorbrook has a beautiful 2 mile trail that George the dog and I like to walk. I decided to up my walk with a run/walk. I run until my body feels like I have had enough and then I walk. This is something new for me. I was a competitive runner and I know how to train hard. I am learning how to pay attention to my body. Long Runs no longer serve me. I am writing that out so hopefully I am listening!

My morning run/walk also included a 9 minute strength, cardio full body workout. Yes, only 9 minutes! I stopped at a picnic bench on the trail for George to lay down  in the shade.

Here is my workout:

30 second rounds.

Total Body Extensions



Jumping Jacks

Knee to elbow

Alt. reverse lunge

Rest one minute and complete 2 more rounds.

BONUS ROUND…after final set 10 burpees just to make it a great day!

I did a total of 45 push-ups, 45 squats etc. within the 9 minute workout! You can achieve a lot in a short period of time. Try it!

George the dog and I completed the 2 mile trail with a run/walk. People do like to stop us because George is so handsome.

Optimal Health= A low-glycemic diet, exercise and high quality supplements!

George sleeping after his morning run at the park!  :)

George sleeping after his morning run at the park!