“Health is the greatest gift you can give yourself!”


I have been receiving emails about middle aged belly fat. Is it possible to lose weight and shrink the menopausal belly?

Here is a short video that describes my day. Some tips that you just might find helpful.

Any questions or comments? Please contact me. I would love to hear from you.

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Here is the link for Dr. Northrup’s Amata. (Full disclosure: I don’t sell AMATA. The video just happened to set up that way. so, I figured I would go with it.)

A Very Powerful Movement.

Oh, my aching back!

A Very Powerful Movement.

A Very Powerful Movement.

Do you have reoccurring back issues? Have you bent over to pick up something and your back was in excruciating pain? I have!

Over the years, I have seen Doctors, Chiropractors,physical therapists, massage therapist and acupuncturists. I would go swimming. I would do yoga. I would take powerful muscle relaxants. Ice, heat…I did it all. I still would have reoccurring back problems.

Two years ago, I discovered Foundation Training which is the work of Dr. Eric Goodman. I integrate Foundation Training into everyone of one my workouts. My back is stronger and I am more flexible! I am not in pain. When I do too much and I feel the tightness creeping back, I spend ten minutes doing Foundation Training. SO much better… It works!

From one of my workout ladies,”I moved 8 yards of mulch yesterday and my back did not hurt. Your workouts are working!”

I would love for all of you to come to my workouts. I promise you , your back will become stronger and perhaps pain free.

Here is the link to a Foundation Training workout if you can’t make it to Fair Haven Fields with me.



foundation training

Sustainable Fitness and Weight Management.

I feel a shift. It is all coming together. In the flow… 2 months ago I decided to increase the fat in my diet. I put coconut oil in my coffee and avocados in my morning smoothie. I have decreased the waffles, bread and pasta in my life. AND THE BLESSING ? It has been easy.

The Benefits?  I feel good, I am sleeping better, NEWS FLASH… sometimes through the night! I have lost a few pounds. The bloat is gone and my menopausal belly is shrinking.  BONUS ROUND. I am off my bio-identical hormones! Friends are starting to tell me that I LOOK GREAT!

I am not telling you all of this to brag. I am telling you this because it is possible for you too!

More info? Here is a video that I created for Team Northrup and the MY JUMP START program. (The 7 day JUMPSTART Kit is coming out soon.)

I will keep you posted. Are you looking for an excellent protein base now? 0 grams of sugar. I have been using the soy base this week. I know it is non-gmo and Pure! It is good to switch things up.





Jump around squats! Now, there is a good time! Here is a fabulous HIIT workout!

2o minutes and your are done! Make sure and warm up ahead of time. I took George the dog for a walk. I always like to finish my workouts with Eric Goodman’s Foundation Training.

Are you interested in trying the 0 grams of sugar protein shake?  I have been making Thomas the plant based with the chocolate flavor packet. I throw in a banana for sweetness. Delicious and Nutritious!

Set your self up right in the morning…   start your day off with a delicious protein shake, coconut oil in your coffee, take super high quality supplements and do your HIIT!

Enjoy the day!




6 minute Egg in Avocado!


Eating a higher fat diet especially breakfast has created a real shift in my body. This was my breakfast this morning.



Slice an avocado in half.  Flattened it out slightly keeping the depression for egg.

ghee or butter in frying pan, heat avocado for one minute over med heat and add egg.

add small amount of water to pan, cover and simmer for 5 minutes.

Topped with greens and basil from my garden.

salt and pepper to taste! DELICIOUS!! Thomas had one too. #makesmehappy

Coconut oil in Coffee

Lemon in water

AND my morning supplements!

Off the Hormones!!!

A 5 MINUTE VIDEO… Talking high fat diet, menopausal belly, hormones and an exclusive 7 Day JumpStart!  Are you ready? (Full disclosure, I am having a glass of wine every night with my dinner. #makesmehappy)

I have started taking Dr. Northrup’s A-MA-TA. I have found it to be helpful this time around. Thank you Dr. Northrup!! You never know. It is so important to stay open.

Would you like to order online?


  • 2 bags of My Smart protein shakes
  • 2 boxes of My Smart Bars (try the coconut cashew…my favorite)
  • 1 box of the Health Pac 100 or the Amazing Essentials.

http://www.marykiningham.usana.com (making it easy:)

Here is the link to Acupuncturist Julie Simnser. I forgot to mention her name in video. http://jshealingpoint.com/ She has been very helpful to me!

Contact me for more details.

fat burning HIIT


A workout for you !. HIIT, high intensity interval training. 30 seconds of all out followed by 30 seconds rest. 4 exercises, 3 rounds. Give it a try.

The push up and burpee mountain climber were out of camera range during the workout video. If you need a demo…



Burpee Mountain Climber



8 minute HIIT

Here is an eight minute HIIT (high intensity interval workout for you). I watch these workouts online , mostly demonstrated by ripped young men. I think it is important for you to know that you can do this as well.  It might not be as pretty at 60 something but I get it down and reap the benefits. I hope I inspire you to give it a try. (I messed up the squat jumps the first time around, just move for those 30 seconds, try jumping jacks:)

If you need help modifying please leave me a comment below.

If you are local and want to workout with me. Here is my Spring Schedule!


“Fat Makes You Smart, Sexy and Happy.”

Great News!!!

“Fat Makes You Smart, Sexy and Happy.” Chapter 9 of Dr. Hyman’s book EAT FAT, GET THIN.

Great news in this book!

Great news in this book!


I will give you some great bullet points from Dr. Hyman’s book.

  • EATING FAT REVERSES TYPE 2 DIABETES (and improves blood sugar control for Type 1)
  • EATING FAT GIVES YOU BEAUTIFUL SKIN, HAIR AND NAILS!!!! (exclamation points are mine, image is everything:)


I have increased my fat quite a bit in the last ten days. It is important to eat high quality healthy fats. For example, I am having coconut oil in my coffee every morning and eating an avocado daily. I feel grounded, less bloated, less hungry and it has been easier not to overeat.

coconut & coffee

I am very interested in all of this. I am putting together a 28 day test group to see what the effects are. My intention is to lose a few pounds, reduce the menopausal belly and feel absolutely fabulous! Would you like to join me?

“It is about finding the simplest, most effective ways to get the body you want with as little effort and anxiety as possible.”

                                                                                                                                            Krissy Mae Cagney

Contact me if you are interested in the details.

Butter in my coffee:)

I am trying something new. Have you heard of intermittent fasting? How about putting butter in your coffee?

I am getting up at 6 am and making an organic cup of french roast coffee in my french press pot and adding a TBS of my delicious ghee. I made ghee from the unsalted Kerry Gold Irish butter the last time. SO CREAMY AND DELICIOUS! I enjoy the coffee and walk George the dog a mile. I am getting some exercise without eating.

Coffee with ghee!

Coffee with ghee!

After taking Thomas to his program at 9 am, I come home and have breakfast. I haven’t eaten for 14 hours. It is a completely different thought process of having breakfast first thing in the morning. I know many wait until later but for now I am hungry at 9 and I feel like I better eat something!

This was my breakfast this morning. An organic granny smith apple, organic cottage cheese , almond butter and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Grain Free and delicious!

Grain Free and delicious!

A three minute video. What do you think? Have you tried this? It is a process.

From my friend and mentor Penny Northrup Kirk…”Hooray! And a big YES to FAT!” A tweetable:)