90 Day Fit and Fabulous Gold Program

Are you a woman over 50 who wants to be active in your life instead of sitting on the sidelines?

Have you put on weight and are frustrated because you can’t seem to get rid of it?

Are you tired of putting on your jeans and having to adjust the waist band because of the extra roll around your belly? 

Or have you given up and your wardrobe has become pants with and elastic waist band and flowing tops?

Of course, you want to feel great, confident, and move with grace and vitality through out your day.

I am now able to wear my favorite jeans with a belt. Weighing in at 139!


Here is how we will work together.

  1. State of your Health.You’ll fill out an in-depth questionnaire that will help me understand your needs. This comprehensive look at YOU covers everything from your aches and pains, how you move, what you are eating, to how you feel in your clothes. We will use this information to establish a baseline so we can track your progress.
  2. Reset your health. We will begin with a 7-day program to eliminate foods that cause inflammation. This will balance your blood sugar and reduce cravings. This program will change you from a sugar burner to a fat burner. There is an amazing freedom that comes from that!  I’ll provide guidance on recipes, eating, and shopping tips for starting and easing into the program. There will be daily support via our private Facebook group to keep you inspired and on track. Of course, you can access me through email.
  3. Nutrition for vibrant health. YOU will have one on one conversations with me about your health goals and how we can work together to get you there.  I will help you adapt the current research on optimal nutrition for healthy living and long life, to your lifestyle. I will help you move into a life-long eating program (not a diet!), complete with recipes, guidance, kitchen help/shopping…etc. As a result of these changes, you will experience weight loss, more energy, strength and flexibility. In the morning when you get dressed, you will notice your clothes are fitting so much better. You will move through your day with confidence, strength, and joy, free from food cravings. This is a lifelong program that works!  This step is key to your success. Accountability is so important.
  4. Strengthen your body. You’ll participate in my OutdoorFit program. You will continue to be part of our fabulous small group community and receive customized feedback from me.  My focus is on your strength, balance, flexibility and endurance.
  5. COMPLETE nutrition for your body.Today’s diet does not provide all the minerals and vitamins your body needs.  You simply can’t eat enough variety every single day for optimal well-being. I strongly believe in this, and I want to give you every opportunity for success. I am including the first 28 days of the USANA CellSentials with the program. My family and I have been taking USANA supplements for the past ten years. I wanted only the best pharmaceutical grade supplements to recommend to my clients.
  6.  Holistic Tips for a Happy Healthy Life. There’s more to vibrant health than diet and exercise. I will provide great tips on creating a soothing clutter free home environment, as well as the importance of restful sleep, meditation, and spending time outside daily.

This program will help you get physically stronger, lose excess weight, reduce nagging aches and pains and have more energy.  As a result, you will feel stronger. You will move with more ease and confidence. And, you’ll have a healthy glow that emanates from the inside out!

“I don’t feel that I am too hungry or deprived. My clothes are already fitting better. It is so great to be doing this with Mary.” Wendy 51

“I have so much energy! I am sleeping much better. I don’t feel like I am missing out. I want this to be a way of life.” Ivone 57


3 Months Unlimited OutdoorFit  (if you are local, price adjustment if you can’t make OF.)

3- 45 minute one on one health coaching sessions.

  1. Weigh in and waist measurement. Health assessment review. Start the 7-day program, and a food journal.
  2. Weigh in and waist measurement. We will go over food journal and discuss what is working, what is not and make proper adjustments.
  3. Weigh in and waist measurement. We will review your food journal and discuss your progress and adjust as needed.

One month of the USANA Cellsentials. I will check in after the first month and customize your supplement needs.

Private Facebook group for support and information.

Delicious Easy Recipes

 Unlimited email access to me.


Contact me to set up a time to talk to see if this program is right for you.  The First step to Fabulous!