My workouts are very effective! Warm up, HIIT, Strength and Foundation Training. I end with a few yoga poses. We cover it all.  . It is a 45 minute workout and you will leave feeling fabulous and ready to take on your day!

We also have FUN…Bringing out the Hula Hoops, a great AB workout!

Workouts held at Fair Haven Fields.

Tuesday 9:00 am- 9:45 am

Thursday 9:00 am- 9:45 am

Saturday: 7:30 am- 8:15 am

This is a typical schedule but sometimes changes. We now have an indoor location in case of rain, sleet or snow! Please let me know you are coming ahead of time.

Drop in rate:$15.00

Bring a set of weights, mat and water.

Workout can be modified for your fitness level.

 If you want to be Fit and Fabulous, hang around people who exercise, eat right and are successful! Combine the workouts with my 7 day Fit and Fabulous…Aging optional Program. You will have it covered! Click here to learn more!

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