I am Mary Kiningham.

Fit and Fabulous…Aging Optional!

I am 66. My age is an important part of the story. I became a personal trainer and a health coach  in my mid 50’s. I created a program called OutdoorFit in NJ. Yes, we workout in the wintertime. Here comes the Fit and Fabulous …Aging Optional part.   I  coach exceptional women between the ages of  53 and 82!  Sometimes, I have a few 40 somethings that jump into the workout. It is a powerful effective program. We do push-ups, mountain climbers, burpees and so much more!  Don’t worry, I can modify the program for any fitness  level.

Elaine joined OutdoorFit at the age of 79! She is now 82. She wanted to improve her balance, strength and flexibility . She saw great improvement in 2 weeks! Please listen to her story.

Do you want to learn more about our special group? If you are out of the area I Live stream the workouts. Head over to the OutdoorFit page to learn more.

 “Mary is an inspiration. she is very motivating without making the class too competitive.” Joyce, Fair Haven NJ
“We do all kinds of things and we have a blast! We have a great time and we are all in really great shape…It is unbelievable! Barbara S, Middletown NJ

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  2. Hey Mary,

    I saw your post on A-ma-ta. I would love to get off the bio-identicals too. Did you overlap with A-ma-ta? I am trying to get info as to how safe this would be and I am unable to get advice. Please let me know how it’s been for you. Thanks so much. Julie

    • I am overlapping the hormones with the A-ma-ta now. I have been on A-ma-ta for a couple of months. I was off the hormones completely but I was having symptoms so I decided to go slower. I am on half the hormone dose and two A-ma-ta a day. I will try again in the next couple of weeks to wean off completely and see how it goes.
      keep me posted what works for you. We can email privately if that is better for you.

  3. Ugh, I live in North Florida. I do want to join anything you have that I can do on line though. I have been enjoying some of your videos. I also want to learn more about the marketing opp.. Thank you, Cheryl Beckwith

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