12 minute fat burning workout!

I am creating a new program which starts next Thursday …check local workout page for more details!

What is the minimum You  need to do to stay in Fit and Fabulous shape?

Today’s workout  includes 30 push-ups and 30 burpees! I think that is enough.

First, I did  my PT back exercise to warm up, a mile run/ walk with George the dog , my 12 minute fat-burning workout and finished up with a few yoga stretches . A perfect workout!

30 seconds of jumping jacks

10 push ups with a T

30 seconds alternating rear lunge with a cute knee lift

10 burpees

30 second plank

Complete three rounds and don’t forget to stretch.



3 thoughts on “12 minute fat burning workout!

  1. Seeing you in silhouette made me realize that not only are you in terrific shape, but you have the figure of a twenty year old. You are an inspiration. I have to admit, however, that what did entertain me most was George. I had to watch it twice because he cracks me up. My dogs would not enter the water, but by the end of filming would be on the other side of the lake (and hopefully back.)

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