I thought I would be done by now!

Have you ever set a goal and didn’t achieve it in the time you thought? Of course! We have all done that. I actually don’t enjoy setting goals because of that reason. I continue to set them anyway.

In July, I posted I was in the process of weaning off my bio-identical hormones. I tried.  I was hoping to be off by my September birthday…didn’t make it. The afternoon that I posted

Do everything you can to bring pleasure into your life right now!!!❤️

I went back on my bio-identical. I slept well that night. Everything is a process.

Dr. Christiane Northrup just wrote a wonderful article, Traditional Herbs or Bio-identical Which is better?

I am SO grateful for the post. “My position  on this particular issue is the same as it has always been. Use the modality that works for you. And that could be traditional herbs or bioidentical hormones! Though different, both are good choices.”

  This is my life and I want to FEEL MY BEST!

Optimal Health is a Process…

  • I have cut my coffee in half because it was affecting my sleep. I didn’t eliminate it because I love and enjoy one delicious organic cup in the morning.
  • I have added a green smoothie to my day.
  • I walk George the dog in the morning without my glasses to absorb nutrients and sunshine through my eyes.
  • I eat a low-glycemic diet with tons of vegetables.
  • I take the best supplements on the planet.
  • I choose happiness over crankiness.
Eat a ton of vegetables!

Eat a ton of vegetables!

I am a work in progress. What do you do to feel your best? I would love to hear!


Healthy Bones

Everyone wants to look good. In order to look good you need to take care of the inside as well. Today’s post is about STRONG HEALTHY BONES.

Postmenopausal can experience a significant amount of bone loss the first ten years after menopause. It is so important to eat well, take high quality supplements and do weight bearing exercises.


  • Eat a low-glycemic diet to avoid spiking your blood sugar. It is important to eat some protein and some fat with all meals to maintain normal blood sugar.
  • Gluten sensitivity might be a problem, I would avoid grains as well.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables and some fruit, (I love berries in my morning smoothies.)
  • Eat calcium-rich foods, nuts, organic or raw cheeses, salmon, dark green vegetables are wonderful. (Sardines with bones are great but personally I don’t enjoy them.)


  • Multi-vitamin/Mineral Supplement
  • Calcium/Magnesium
  • Vitamin D (good to get you levels checked)
  • Fish oil
  • Probiotics
  • Digestive Enzyme
  • Fiber (drink lots of water)

It is so important to buy the best pharmaceutical grade supplements that you can. These are what my family and I take.  I highly recommend them! Your bones will thank you:)


I can’t leave you without a workout video for strong healthy bones. Have fun with this one!

Macadamia Nuts

We have had a great first week at my new workouts! It feels great to be back at it with my friends! We are all on the journey to being Fit and Fabulous…Aging Optional except for Kate because she is pregnant and is having a beautiful Thanksgiving BABY!  She showed up this morning to workout with us!

Health Tip of the week!

EAT MORE FAT! Instead of reaching for the pretzels  have a few raw macadamia nuts. My dad traveled a lot when I was growing up. He would bring home little containers of macadamia nuts from the airlines, such a treat for me!

If you are having a piece of fruit have a few nuts along with it. Nuts lower the glycemic load of the fruit. It is so important to keep your blood sugar balanced so you can release the FAT!

Raw macadamia nuts are high in the same healthy fatty acid found in olive oil. They are full of essential minerals, vitamins and HEALTHY FATS! They are also delicious and loaded with calories. 203 calories in 10-12 nuts. I put a serving size in a pretty dish and try to limit myself to that.