Do you have 5 days?

It takes 5 days to change you from a SUGAR BURNER to a FAT BURNER!

I was a sugar burner, I would say for almost all of my life, Growing up, I loved baking and eating while I was baking. Who doesn’t enjoy chocolate chip cookie dough?  Today, I am so much better. I eat a balanced low-glycemic diet, I keep my blood sugar balanced through out the day. I am good! I enjoy a glass of wine with dinner as my treat of the day!


Answer these few questions for me.

Do you crave candy or caffeine in the afternoon?

Are you often tired during the day?

Do you feel anxious or depressed when you are hungry?

Once you start eating sweets it is hard to stop? (How many of us need to throw the chocolate chips in the garbage in order to stop? Been there, done that!)

How many YES’s did you have?

Many of you, I am afraid are SUGAR BURNERS.

I have put together a Holiday Nutrition Challenge. The goal is to change you from a sugar burner into a  Fit and Fabulous fat burner. I use the very effective Reset program to get you there!

  • Lose 4-5 pounds in the first week and 10 -15 pounds by the end of 28 days, if you have weight to lose.
  • Control your cravings, turn into a efficient Fat Burner instead of a Sugar Burner, by balancing your blood sugar.
  • End emotional eating
  • Increase your energy
  • Sleep better
  • Clear and glowing skin.

Extra Bonuses!

*    Weekly group calls, (with recordings available after)
*    Membership in a private Facebook group for extra group support and tips from me about healthy, pleasurable eating over the holidays and beyond
*    Easy to follow Fit and Fabulous workout videos

2 options for you.

Commit to the 28 day program for only $379  or just do the 5 day Reset $130 to get you off the sugar. Your choice! (prices may vary slightly because of shipping)

Are you in? Sign up here!

Contact me if you have any questions about becoming a FAT BURNER ! 

I have coached many people through Reset and beyond!

From my happy clients.

“Wanted to give you a full recap- I finished the program and feel great.  Not sure if I lost too much weight- maybe 3-4 lbs- I don’t have a scale.  I definitely feel more streamlined, and clothes fit a little better.  Most importantly, I feel so healthy- very clean, I was sleeping so well this week and some of the little things that usually bother me (TMJ pain, for example), have really seemed to let up.  I think that my body was given a chance to really restore itself because I wasn’t busy digesting while sleeping.  Also, I learned some very good lessons about how much I actually put in my mouth over the course of the day (when I’m feeding my kids, when I’m hungry in the afternoon…).  I think that I’ll be able to hold on to some of these lessons and be more healthful going forward.  I can’t say that my craving for sweets has totally disappeared, but I’ve decided to avoid all sweets for at least another week to see if that helps.
Thanks for your support and encouragement.”  Sarah
“Mary, I feel great on the program! I am done 20 pounds so far. I FEEL GREAT! “Amanda
“Nearing the end of the day five! It’s amazing that I kind of want to continue into transform. I guess I am ready to transform!!! And a big shift is I haven’t been on the scale every day. I weighed myself once because I was curious. It was a healthy check in with my scale. I was down 6 pounds from when I got back from vacation. Don’t know where I am today and don’t really care because I feel good. I packed my shakes and shaker bottle and I am off to Florida. I’m actually excited to get in my bikini and not self-conscious about what I might look like. Quite a shift I must say.” Pam
Optimal Health!

Optimal Health!

You can’t exercise your way out of a Bad Diet!

A friend came to my workout this morning for the first time. She said she loves to exercise and workout. It is her diet that is out of control.

There are 285 calories in one slice of pizza. One of my ladies announced on Saturday that she had 6 slices of pizza, apple pie with phish food ice cream for dinner! Impressive! You would need to workout for hours to burn all that food off.


The Holidays are upon us. Halloween is here.

Does that excite you or do you dread it? Most women dread it. Most of us do too much, feel run down, pop too many chocolate chip cookies in our mouth because it is the Holiday. You end up exhausted and gaining weight.

The Holidays give us permission to overindulge, skip workouts, eat tons of sweets and drink way too many fun cocktails. Most end up gaining 7-10 pounds and so addicted to SUGAR! I would end up with a yeast infection in January from all the sugar in November and December. Not anymore.

What if you did it differently this year? What if the focus was on connecting with loved ones, expressing gratitude, taking care of yourself and actually improving your health. Start the New Year Healthy, Vibrant and Fit!

How would a Fit and Fabulous Holiday feel?

It feels like you are loving yourself.

It feels like you are not feeling deprived and gaining weight.

It feels like you are Fit and Fabulous and your clothes fit.. You wake up happy, healthy and vibrant.

Do it differently this year and join my Fit and Fabulous Holiday Nutrition Challenge!

Here are the details:

  • The Fit and Fabulous Holiday Nutrition Challenge begins Monday, November 17th- Friday, December 12th. You will enjoy a fabulous Thanksgiving in the middle of it!
  • Register by Tuesday, November 4th

When you join the Fit and Fabulous Nutrition Challenge:

Lose 4-5 pounds in the first week and 10 -15 pounds by the end of 28 days, if you have weight to lose.

Control your cravings, turn into a efficient Fat Burner instead of a Sugar Burner, by balancing your blood sugar.

End emotional eating

Increase your energy

Sleep better

Clear and glowing skin.

Eat properly and supplement for optimal health and weight.

Save money on your grocery bill with our top-rated delicious smoothies , bars and supplements.

Tips on preparing simple holiday meals.

Short effective fat blasting workouts

Facebook Community Support and Weekly Check in Calls.

Are you in? Go BIG and Love yourself! Commit to the full 28 days.  Too much? Email me for other options.

Register here to be Fit and Fabulous in 2014!

A fat blasting strength program!

I am proud to say I have developed a high quality fitness program and it doesn’t take hours to get you fit! It takes 30 -45 minutes 2 to 3 days a week.

Here are the components

Warm-up: take a  5 – 10 minute walk or jog and perform a few functional movement exercises .

High Intensity Training : 8 minutes, 30 seconds on/ 30 seconds off. This morning we did BURPEES! Very effective and doable! You can jump rope, do mountain climbers, sprint, jumping jacks. etc. JUST GO HARD, ALL OUT FOR THOSE 30 SECONDS! You want to become breathless (anaerobic) , then you have 30 seconds to recover. Repeat 8 times.

Studies show that High Intensity training (I am happy to improve all of those points. How about you?)

  • Lowered  body fat
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Firmer skin and fewer wrinkles
  • Higher energy levels
  • Improved athletic speed and performance
  • Boosted sex drive

Strength Training: We usually do 3 sets of strength training in 30 second intervals, Push-ups, DB Rows, Lunges, Squats, Tricep Extension etc.

Core Training: This is the long and lean portion of my program. So effective! Your body has 29 core muscles located mostly in your back, abdomen, and pelvis. This group of muscles provides the foundation for movement throughout your body.  It is so important to keep these muscles strong to support your back and improve your balance. I love Foundation Training, created by Dr. Eric Goodman.  This training  strengthens and stretches your muscles…very time efficient!  Love it!

It is also so important to take the best supplements that you can. Take care of your self.

Holiday Nutrition Challenge starting soon. YOU CAN’T EXERCISE YOUR WAY OUT OF A BAD DIET!)


A quick effective intense workout! Love Burpees!

A quick effective intense workout!

I feel longer and leaner!

Last spring, I hurt my back actually my Sacroiliac joint. I didn’t do anything except overused the area. I had pain and kept pushing through. Can you relate to that? Of course, I started to think oh I am too old to be doing my workouts. A person my age shouldn’t be jumping around, doing burpees, sprinting…blah, blah, blah.

I went to the chiropractor had a month of physical therapy, took ibuprofen, a few muscle relaxants. I began to feel better but I still had lingering numbness around my left knee. Do I need to accept this numbness?

I started going to yoga again and kept up with my massages. I was better but still had the numbness around my knee.

I came across the work of Dr. Eric Goodman and Foundation training. I have been doing his workouts for a few weeks now and I feel so much better! I wake up feeling LONGER  AND LEANER! It is so empowering! Of course I have incorporated the training into my 7AM work outs.

I started my new class in September. It is now a 45 minute class. I love it! I have short intense effective workouts. This morning we jumped rope for 8 minutes, 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. My ladies are great, jump with 2 feet fast with no pitter patter, very impressive. We did 2 rounds of weight training and then finished up with Foundation Training. Everyone goes home feeling LONGER ,LEANER and EMPOWERED!

I have also  strongly encouraged my ladies to take the best quality supplement like I do. You get amazing results, when you eat a low-glycemic diet, exercises and take your supplements! THAT IS HOW YOU BECOME FIT AND FABULOUS!!!