You can’t exercise your way out of a Bad Diet!

A friend came to my workout this morning for the first time. She said she loves to exercise and workout. It is her diet that is out of control.

There are 285 calories in one slice of pizza. One of my ladies announced on Saturday that she had 6 slices of pizza, apple pie with phish food ice cream for dinner! Impressive! You would need to workout for hours to burn all that food off.


The Holidays are upon us. Halloween is here.

Does that excite you or do you dread it? Most women dread it. Most of us do too much, feel run down, pop too many chocolate chip cookies in our mouth because it is the Holiday. You end up exhausted and gaining weight.

The Holidays give us permission to overindulge, skip workouts, eat tons of sweets and drink way too many fun cocktails. Most end up gaining 7-10 pounds and so addicted to SUGAR! I would end up with a yeast infection in January from all the sugar in November and December. Not anymore.

What if you did it differently this year? What if the focus was on connecting with loved ones, expressing gratitude, taking care of yourself and actually improving your health. Start the New Year Healthy, Vibrant and Fit!

How would a Fit and Fabulous Holiday feel?

It feels like you are loving yourself.

It feels like you are not feeling deprived and gaining weight.

It feels like you are Fit and Fabulous and your clothes fit.. You wake up happy, healthy and vibrant.

Do it differently this year and join my Fit and Fabulous Holiday Nutrition Challenge!

Here are the details:

  • The Fit and Fabulous Holiday Nutrition Challenge begins Monday, November 17th- Friday, December 12th. You will enjoy a fabulous Thanksgiving in the middle of it!
  • Register by Tuesday, November 4th

When you join the Fit and Fabulous Nutrition Challenge:

Lose 4-5 pounds in the first week and 10 -15 pounds by the end of 28 days, if you have weight to lose.

Control your cravings, turn into a efficient Fat Burner instead of a Sugar Burner, by balancing your blood sugar.

End emotional eating

Increase your energy

Sleep better

Clear and glowing skin.

Eat properly and supplement for optimal health and weight.

Save money on your grocery bill with our top-rated delicious smoothies , bars and supplements.

Tips on preparing simple holiday meals.

Short effective fat blasting workouts

Facebook Community Support and Weekly Check in Calls.

Are you in? Go BIG and Love yourself! Commit to the full 28 days.  Too much? Email me for other options.

Register here to be Fit and Fabulous in 2014!

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