Sausage Pizza and Ice Cream Sundaes!

Confessions of a health coach: Sunday night, we had an easy family dinner. Sausage pizza and ice cream sundaes for dessert! It has been awhile since I had a dinner like that. It was delicious, easy and everyone enjoyed it. Sunday morning, Tom and I went to Trader Joe’s to shop  and they were sampling peanut butter track ice cream with caramel sauce and cowboy bark! The young lady named Molly told me the cowboy bark was like CRACK! Once you open the bag, you are in trouble. I shared the whole bag with 7 people so we only had a small amount and ENJOYED IT THOROUGHLY! Bringing pleasure into my day!

You can’t bring pleasure like that in everyday! There are other healthier ways to happiness.I posted last week about bringing pleasure into my life and how it makes me nervous. I have found a simple way to laugh every day and have told so many people about it. SHARE THE JOY! I am watching Comedians in cars drinking coffee with Jerry Seinfeld. Have you seen it? It is the best. The episodes are about twenty minutes.

It is so important to laugh! Check it out! I loved the Sarah Jessica parker episode in the Country Squire. My dream car was in the Larry David episode.



My Dream Car…Ease, Grace, Simplicity!

Other Updates!

I also found a food tracker app “LOSE IT”. My husband and I will track for two months. It is a good thing to do together. A food journal keeps you on track and people that take the time to post lose more weight.

I am taking Fit and Fabulous on the road! If you are local I would love to see you at one of the FREE workshops. Details on the Fit & Fabulous Event page above.

Do everything you can to bring pleasure into your life right now!!!❤️

Do everything you can to bring pleasure into your life right now!!!❤️

Words of advice from a trusted mentor.  As many of you know, I have been weaning off my bio-identical hormones for the past couple of months.  I have been using a new product, A-ma-ta by Dr. Christiane Northrup to help me with the transition.

I have been doing really well while on vacation, less stress more time to relax etc. I have been totally off the hormones for 2 weeks and I thought I was done. The past week, I haven’t slept well and I am started to forget things etc… I reached out to my friend yesterday who understands this whole hormonal process and her words. “Do everything you can to bring pleasure into your life right now!!!❤️”

Fabulous advice which makes me nervous. I am really good at pushing through. What can I do to bring pleasure?  I took an epsom salt bath last night, I went to OutdoorFit this morning and laughed with my friends while lunging and curling. I have decided to slow down and enjoy the simple things in my life. It doesn’t need to be all done today. What do you like to do for fun and pleasure? I would love to know. I need some ideas:)

Optimal Health= Low-glycemic diet+exercise+high quality supplements+pleasure!



PS. I am taking Fit & Fabulous…Aging Optional on the road! Fifty and Fat to Fit and Fabulous!  I will be posting times and places soon.

Ease, Grace, Simplicity

Ease, Grace, Simplicity

10 minute circuit training

I have been working on creating a new program with the minimal amount of exercise to feel good and stay in shape. When I was in Vermont, I would do a more challenging workout one day and back to the core workout the next day.

This is a challenging workout. Give it a try and let me know how you did.




It is a new day!

We are back from vacation and tomorrow it will be two months until the Big 60! Now is the time to make a few simple changes so I will be really Fit and Fabulous!!!

We spent the weekend at my sister Patty’s house. She took great care of us which was so nice. I noticed that she calmly makes her meals. I on the other hand feel agitated when cooking and I am eating while I am cooking and cleaning up.


  • I am no longer eating while cooking or cleaning up.
  • I am keeping a food journal. I have tried before and quit after a short time. Keeping a journal also prevents you from popping food into your mouth. I will look into apps. Anyone have a suggestion? I am new to apps:)
  • I will be easy on myself. I will continue to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning and a glass of wine at night!

This morning, I made scrambled eggs from the farmer’s market with organic mozzarella cheese over a bed of greens. I had a lovely cup of organic coffee with half and half. I took my high quality supplements along with A-ma-ta. (NEWS FLASH! I AM OFF THE BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONES! MORE ON THAT IN ANOTHER POST.)

George the dog and I went to the park. We ran/walked and then a 9 minute workout. This is a before shot. We were not quite as pretty when we finished.


Optimal Health = Low-glycemic diet + exercise + high quality supplements! EASY PEASY!

Please leave a comment. I would love to hear from you. What changes are you working on?

Do you need a recovery workout?

I woke up feeling a bit stiff and sore. My hips are tight.  It is always good to move, you just don’t want to over do. I decided to walk a mile and do a low-key workout on the dock. We were filming on a windy day so please excuse the excess wind noise. It is all part of the charm:)

I have been enjoying the shorter workouts! They are very effective. It is so important to listen to your body. Today would have been a perfect yoga day. Honestly, I would rather be moving around on the dock.

Here is another fun short workout! ( It is almost always nice to have my pal George the dog along with me. He has started to grow on me. It has taken 3 1/2 years. I think I have survived the puppy years!)

30 seconds each

Total Body Extension


Squat 20/10 (watch video for instructions)

Jumping Jacks

Spiderman Climb


12 Minute workout with a Rock!

I love working out outside, no equipment necessary. When it is time to up your game, look around and see what you can use. Today, I found a nice rock to add some extra weight to the workout.

Today’s workout is a 12 minute workout. I ran/walked a mile with George the dog and then did the workout. Please include some stretches when you are finished. I am finding these shorter workouts are very effective and I am feeling good!

Please leave a comment and let me know how you are doing with the workouts! it is amazing what you can accomplish in a short period of time!

have fun!



Quick but not easy core workout!

Today’s workout was 5 hill repeats with George the dog. I would throw a stick in the lake for George and then sprint up to the top of the driveway before he got there.  Sprint up the hill and walk down. You don’t pound running up a hill. Less impact is the way to go.

I then did a 9 minute core work out. KILLER! I had to stop during the last round of lobster claw. OUCH! Let me know how you do.


30 seconds, three rounds, one minute rest between rounds

shoulder tap

knee to elbow

mountain climber


ankle touch

lobster claw

A strong core is so important for the health of your back and how you carry yourself.  Straight and upright is the way to go. Fit and Fabulous…Aging Optional!