Sausage Pizza and Ice Cream Sundaes!

Confessions of a health coach: Sunday night, we had an easy family dinner. Sausage pizza and ice cream sundaes for dessert! It has been awhile since I had a dinner like that. It was delicious, easy and everyone enjoyed it. Sunday morning, Tom and I went to Trader Joe’s to shop  and they were sampling peanut butter track ice cream with caramel sauce and cowboy bark! The young lady named Molly told me the cowboy bark was like CRACK! Once you open the bag, you are in trouble. I shared the whole bag with 7 people so we only had a small amount and ENJOYED IT THOROUGHLY! Bringing pleasure into my day!

You can’t bring pleasure like that in everyday! There are other healthier ways to happiness.I posted last week about bringing pleasure into my life and how it makes me nervous. I have found a simple way to laugh every day and have told so many people about it. SHARE THE JOY! I am watching Comedians in cars drinking coffee with Jerry Seinfeld. Have you seen it? It is the best. The episodes are about twenty minutes.

It is so important to laugh! Check it out! I loved the Sarah Jessica parker episode in the Country Squire. My dream car was in the Larry David episode.



My Dream Car…Ease, Grace, Simplicity!

Other Updates!

I also found a food tracker app “LOSE IT”. My husband and I will track for two months. It is a good thing to do together. A food journal keeps you on track and people that take the time to post lose more weight.

I am taking Fit and Fabulous on the road! If you are local I would love to see you at one of the FREE workshops. Details on the Fit & Fabulous Event page above.

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