Is exercise FUN movement for you?

I am taking Dr. Northrup’s online course Ageless Goddess. Dr. Northrup talks about the importance of movement and doing something that you love. You need to move and do something that you love.

Is exercise Fun movement for you?

I love exercise, I always loved gym class. I especially love working out with people. Doing mountain climbers at home by myself doesn’t thrill me, if I do them to music suddenly it becomes Fun. I love my classes and working out together, we laugh, have a good time and workout all at the same time.

I did take a few dance classes a few years ago and they were not fun for me.  I was the lady in the back row that was three steps behind. I would need to work at it and keep going for them to be fun. I do think about taking tap classes, I think that would be a good time!

What do you consider FUN movement? Yoga, running, skiing, hiking,??? Make it part of your routine to create happiness, joy and the outcome…FIT AND FABULOUS!

This is Fun for me! Working out outside in the sunshine with George the dog running around.


Do you want to do this with me?

I just signed up for Dr. Northrup’s Ageless Goddesses 8 week online course! It will be a great 8 weeks for the Fit and Fabulous.

Dr. Northrup's book

“When you have the right information and guidance, youthful living can be yours and you can continue to thrive, create and engage in your life for years to come.  Dr. Northrup shows you how to embrace your ageless goddess and live more vibrantly. ” Dr. Christiane Northrup

Let’s do this together. Here is the link to sign up. There is an Early bird special this weekend!