Work with me.

I am a mother of a special needs son. I see the women whose life focus is their kids. It is not fair to the kids or to themselves. But that could have been me. A stay at home Mom, cooking, cleaning, taking care, taking care and the fear of eventually looking towards living on a fixed income waiting for Social Security and Medicare to kick in. I love my family, taking care and I am good at it. I appreciate how my husband has provided for us.  There has to be more, I wanted to create something for myself and I am doing that.

Would you like to work with me and an amazing group of women and a few great men too? I am a member of Team Northrup since 2007. We are aligned with the work of Dr. Christiane Northrup and an amazing product partner. Team Northrup has been life changing for me. I think what would my life look like without it.

A friend emailed me about Team Northrup and I was so impressed I joined and it has changed my life. I am creating a residual income and have been inspired and empowered to create a fit and fabulous lifestyle. I am now sharing that with you. If you  would like to learn more. Click on the video below to learn how Team Northrup was started and why. I love them all, Penny, Chris, Kate and Edna. Edna, the Mom of us all talks about her residual income. She is so grateful not to be like so many people her age who are on a fixed income and she was able to buy a camper and travel. Gotta love that!

If you are reading this far. You must have some level of interest. Think about this, what is my life going to look like 5 years from now if I keep doing the same thing? Contact me and we can talk more about the life you want to create. We can do this together!

5 thoughts on “Work with me.

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  5. Thank you ever so much for coming to my rescue!!! You are godsend at a time when I was regretfully accepting “aging” as a normal, never going away, ever increasing painful existence!!!! It’s going to be the “light” at the end of a tunnel for me!!!! So glad you heard my “cry” at Primetime. By the way, Happy Belated Birthday to a Virgo from another Virgo (9/11).

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