Fit and Fabulous with Mark!

My target is market is menopausal women. To be honest my program is fabulous for just about anyone. My nephew Mark Harbaugh of UBS in Westfield, NJ is on my 28 day program starting with the 7 Day Smart Start. He has lost  10 pounds and has eliminated his cravings. Here is a short video with Mark!

. Details coming out soon for My January Fit and Fabulous Program. Click here to learn more about my Program!

Enjoy Your Holidays!



December’s Program

Each month I have been launching a 7 day jump start program leading into the 28 day Fit and Fabulous Program. This month I decided to do it differently. December is always a busy month for people. I encourage you to look at the 7 Day Program during the Holiday season. Start when you are ready!

This is what it looks like… a delicious balanced no sugar shake for breakfast and lunch.  Mid morning or mid afternoon will be time for a balanced protein bar with coconut oil for a handy snack. In the evening, make a simple dinner of Protein, Vegetables and maybe a little fruit. It is so important to take your supplements everyday twice a day!

Perfection! Lean Protein, Fruit and Vegetables

Perfection! Lean Protein, Fruit and Vegetables

I want this to be your last program! This is about maintaining a sustainable lifestyle.   I promise you this works. Make a commitment to yourself! Of course, I will be here to coach you along the way.

The Fit & Fabulous Program…Aging Optional is designed to help you:

  • Release excess weight
  • Reset your blood sugar
  • Increase your energy and improve sleep
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Support your immune system
  • Get rid of cravings
  • Balance your mood swings
  • Increase your fitness level

Does a 7 day Smart Start sound right for you?

The Kit has 2 meals, a snack and the best supplements on the planet to get you started.


$19.71 a day

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Please contact me if you are out of the USA. I will set you up.


“I have been on the Fit and Fabulous program for the 2nd week and am happy with my progress. The best part of the program is that I do not have food cravings, which has been the biggest barrier to losing weight and body fat.   Following the program, the shakes and bars are tasty and satisfying. The support I get from Mary, particularly the advice and tips she provides, increases my success. I am not doing this on my own.  Since last week, I have lost .9% body fat, in less than two weeks. Doesn’t sound like much, but it is significant for someone my age and most importantly, I feel good, and satisfied, on the program. I am looking forward to the next few weeks.” From Joyce, a Fit and Fabulous client!

The Best Machine Invented.

The Best Machine invented according to Jon Kalnas, the Former 3x All American Monmouth University  Track Alum is the Human Body. This is Jon’s philosophy towards personal and athletic training. Jon is the owner of Strength Athletes and co -owner of Critical Mass. Jon trains my son Thomas along with several of his special needs buddies.

Jon and The Guys!

Jon and The Guys!

I know Jon has a passion for health and fitness. He is an amazing athlete himself. At the age of 36, Jon was training for the Olympic Trials as a shot putter. Jon has been taking the pharmaceutical grade supplements that I recommend. He knows how important it is for your cells to be nourished on an Optimal Level. He knows you can’t possibly get the nourishment you need from your food. (As an athlete it is so important to take a pharmaceutical supplement so you know you aren’t going to flunk a drug test.) So, take the best supplements you can and allow your cells to decide what they need because you are the owner of the best machine ever invented…The Human Body!

Click here to learn about the Best supplements!

Are your pants getting tighter?

I just had to share I think these pants will be an all time favorite. It is the best feeling to get dressed in the morning and love what you put on and how you feel in your clothes!


Today is the last day to sign up for the 7 day JumpStart which begins on October 17th. Contact me today or click here to sign up if you are interested in resetting your blood sugar, releasing fat, feeling balanced and sleeping better!  You will feel fabulous in your clothes AND your pants will FIT! GREAT GIVE AWAY IF YOU ARE LOCAL! Watch the video till the end.

I love my Vitamix!


The New Year is here. I have had a FUN time eating. Did you see the crumb cake I posted yesterday? It was filled with white flour, white sugar and tons of delicious organic butter.

Now, it is time to commit to MY PROGRAM. I have been off the wine for 2 weeks now. It is still not easy. I am committed for 90 days. Here is the real reason I decided to quit. Would you like to join me in a fabulous lifestyle program? (You don’t have to give up your glass of red wine.) Check it out. There is something very powerful about being connected with a healthy community.

Here is my daily #365grateful vlog.

I love my Vitamix. When you attend the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, you feel quite a bit of peer pressure to buy a vitamix. I am so glad I did. We use it everyday! Some things are just worth it.


Do you set intentions for the New Year? I would love to hear from you!




Fit and Fabulous!

My view from my cushion. Watch the video so you know what I am talking about.

Are you ready?


Give yourself 4 weeks to become stronger, leaner and more energetic. Move with confidence!

Check it out!

Run Faster or Jump Higher

These Athletes use the same supplements that I use myself and are included in my Fit and Fabulous Optimal Health Program.

I am not saying that you will run faster or jump higher BUT maybe just maybe you will begin to feel and become Fit and Fabulous with THE PROGRAM!

Optimal Health!

Fit and Fabulous

A Halloween Miracle!

A 37 second video that describes it all.

Are you ready to get rid off your sugar cravings once and for all?


Give yourself 4 weeks to become stronger, leaner and more energetic.

Check it out!

Are you a “Baby Boomer”?

I am! I googled baby Boomer. If you were born between 1946 and 1964, you are considered a Baby Boomer.

Are you thinking about retirement? Are you wondering how you will spend your day? Are you concerned that your money will run out before you do? Have you ever thought of having your own business? It seems like a crazy time to start a business. Actually, I think it is the perfect time. I have had my own business for almost 9 years. I create my own hours. I do my business around my special need’s son  schedule. I fit it in on my terms. Love that!

I have meet some amazing people along the way. Kate's book launchDr. NorhrupMary and Dr. Oz

My family and I are healthier because of the business and I am making residual income.

Are you interested in learning more?

Another video… 

Go to My Team Northrup page for even more information.

Would you like to get started with me?

The best side effect…YOUR HEALTH WILL IMPROVE!

Menopausal Muffin Top

Here is the wonderful testimonial. “thanks so much Mary! Yes, I feel really good since I’ve been very diligent about taking my supplements and I find that having the prepacked supplements for the AM and PM helps keep me on track, I know I wasn’t taking the recommended dosages before.  I work in special ed as you know and it can be so physically and mentally draining and I’ve been finding that my energy levels have been great, instead of collapsing when I get home I take a healthy,long walk with my dog and do push ups on a bench in the woods and some free weight work when I get home, even though I haven’t weighed myself I don’t feel as bloated and the menopausal “muffin top”, isn’t as overflowing as it was before and things are fitting better. I also believe that keeping up with this vitamin regiment has really helped decrease all the other menopausal symptoms that I’ve been plagued with like fatigue, thinning hair and nails, weight gain and hot flashes..I’m in a much better place then I was a year ago and I thank you.”

I don’t think there is much more to say. THE PROGRAM works! Would you like to join us?  Muffin top…BE GONE!

Here is the October Salad of the Day Challenge (click on hashtag to connect with Andreea and the challenge) #littlebitesofjoy

Add protein to your salad for the perfect meal!

Add protein to your salad for the perfect meal!

It is fun to be healthy together. It makes it so much easier.

I hope you will join in. What do you think?