Here is the real reason…

Here is the real reason I decided to give up the wine for 90 days. I have always taken the easy way. Always is a strong word, for the most part, is is the truth. Here is an example,I went to college and had to pick a major so I went with psychology because I had the most credit in that. Easy.  I don’t especially like making goals, too much pressure. I became a competitive runner after my  son Sam was born. I was very resistant to making goals. They made me nervous. I did well because I trained. Never full out commitment.

I do things to the point of good enough and not to the next level. 3/4 of the way, 80 % . It feels mediocre. I was okay with this in the past but it is time to commit to doing things differently. I decided on December 21st to give up wine for 90 days because it is a commitment. I am sorry to say it is NOT EASY.  Let’s see where this takes me. I want 2016 to be the best year yet!

A side note, I am not writing this to beat myself up. I have had challenges in my life. I took care of things, I now want more.

I would love to hear from you. Can you relate to this? Do you want to join me in the 90 day no wine (alcohol) challenge? We will raise each other up!

I am putting energy into being more creative.

Creativity is a great use of my time. #makesmehappy

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