My Friend Ivone!

I am posting everyday about something I am grateful for. #365grateful. It is another inspiration from Dr. Christiane Northrup. I have been it a bit of a slump, feeling very flat. I thought this would be a fun creative way to feel better. Isn’t that why you have a blog?

Thomas and I go to church almost every Sunday. It is a beautiful historical church in Rumson NJ. We have been members for years. We stopped going for years and now we are back. During that time my friend Ivone joined the church. It makes going to church that more special.

Thomas really enjoys going. Every Saturday, he ask if we are going to church. He especially loves coffee hour. I helped Ivone out this weekend with coffee hour.  Ivone makes a delicious fajita.(I made a fabulous crumb cake.) Perfect together! The crumb cake is not exactly fit and fabulous. It is a Church thing.

Crumb cake cooling before powdered sugar!

Crumb cake cooling before powdered sugar!






Here is my short video about why I am grateful for my friend Ivone. She is excited to make the blog:)  Watch until the end…Hugged with a knife and Thomas makes a cameo.


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