I had a glass of wine at DAY 50! My intention was to give up wine for 90 days. What can I say? I had enough. My stress level was building for a bunch of reasons. Last Tuesday which was Fat Tuesday, I thought what am I doing to myself? Why am I putting another layer of stress on myself. I decided I was done! I had a glass of wine for dinner and it was lovely.

My friends are asking, “What is next?” My Answer is Peace, Joy and Happiness.

I do so much better with small healthy steps. I don’t need to place restrictions on myself. It just doesn’t work in the long run. I loved the salad of the month and the green smoothie of the month. I was adding in healthy habits instead of taking something away.

Yippee! I am back on my balanced PROGRAM. Want to join me? Contact me and I will get you set up.

Enjoy your day!



My Green Money Socks!

I have been reading GET RICH LUCKY BITCH!:Release your money blocks and live a first class life by Denise Duffield Thomas

The title is a bit crass but I love the book. Denise gets right to the point. She wants you to focus on making money, to keep track of what is coming in. I have done lots of work on what is going out. The key is to focus on what you want. I have a tablet on my refrigerator and I write down everything I bring in. A penny on the street is worth picking up celebrating and writing it on the pad according to Thomas.

I wanted to share  from her book.


  1. Declutter everything in your life.
  2. Decide exactly what you want.
  3. Surround your life with positivity.
  4. Take inspired action.
  5. Receive and fine tune.

Yesterday, my bank was giving out free polka dot socks! I thought it was an excellent sign! #cashflow






Healthy Wealthy Fit


It is 2016. It is time for me to get my financial house in order. I am 61. My life has been family oriented. I am very fortunate because I was and am a stay at home Mom. My husband worked and took care. Our son Thomas 26 and developmentally disabled lives at home.  I have worked through out my life but always on a part time basis and for myself so I could set my working hours around the needs of my family.

Now, I want to create my own substantial income. This is one part of my life that has been missing. I need to know that I can do this. I am expanding my focus from Healthy and Fit to Healthy, Wealthy and Fit.  Healthy and Fit I have a handle on. Financial well being  is certainly related to health.

So much more to come!

Now, this is FASHION!


“Nothing is more empowering than getting control over your spending, your money beliefs, and your cash flow. And nothing is more thrilling than seeing your bank account grow as a result of these changes. Anyone can take the same steps I’ve taken to achieve peace of mind and better financial and physical health. The first step is simply knowing you can do it! ” Dr. Christiane Northrup

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