Fitness & Fashion


I love fashion on some level. Feeling good and therefore looking good is important. I really love clothes that are comfortable, #1 and stylish #2! I always enjoy seeing what Ellen Degeneres is wearing. She certainly looks put together and comfortable.

I feel good in my clothes because I am in shape. I have a strong core and my clothes fit. Fitness is my fashion statement.

Thank goodness because here is my closet. Not much in there. It is amazing that I look as put together as I do:)

Socks can make the outfit. I love cool socks. You can have a pair of jeans or cozy black wool pants on with fun socks and you have an outfit!

Now, this is FASHION!

Now, this is FASHION!

One last tip. I use my BOOM products by Cindy Joseph everyday. They make me feel good and put together. Here is my make up demo. One of my most popular videos. Does my audience care more about makeup than burpees? Maybe, it is easier.

I would love to hear from you. What is your go to outfit… the one that makes you feel fit and fabulous?



Grain Free Banana Pancakes

Since I have been on my 90 day wine free challenge , I have been making more of an effort to create very satisfying delicious and nutritious meals. This morning for breakfast I made Grain Free Banana Pancakes with sauteed pears on top. I have had many requests for the recipe so here it is.

Pancakes on the griddle.

Pancakes on the griddle.

  • 1 banana
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract or I love maple extract
  • a serving size of protein powder. I use 2 scoops of My Smart Whey.
  •   sprinkle in cinnamon.

Mix it all together and cook on the griddle. I use coconut oil to grease the griddle.

Bonus round! Thinly slice a pear and saute in butter , add a few chopped pecans with pears at the end.

I also like to top my pancakes with a dollop of plain full fat yogurt.

Grain Free Banana Pancakes!


No wine, 22 days in.

Time to check in. No wine for 90 days has been a challenge.  I remember Wayne Dyer talking about giving up alcohol and how it was no big deal. When I talk about it, it feels silly that it has had such an impact. I have been feeling emotional flat and depressed or maybe sad is a better word. I have found ways to deal with all of it and it is getter better.

Excuse the shakiness, I need my AV guy!

I have been making a effort to cook delicious satisfying meals. Google the Barefoot Contessa, she has great recipes. I am hoping to shed a few pounds. I have been making Ina Garten’s roasted cashews and eating lots of them. Delicious and high in calories. It is all an adjustment.

This morning, I made low-glycemic grain free banana pancakes.

 Start your day with a delicious nutritious breakfast!

Start your day with a delicious nutritious breakfast!

I would love to hear from you. Have you struggled giving up alcohol, caffeine, sugar? Of  course, we all have! Would you like to join me?

That is it for now!



I love my Vitamix!


The New Year is here. I have had a FUN time eating. Did you see the crumb cake I posted yesterday? It was filled with white flour, white sugar and tons of delicious organic butter.

Now, it is time to commit to MY PROGRAM. I have been off the wine for 2 weeks now. It is still not easy. I am committed for 90 days. Here is the real reason I decided to quit. Would you like to join me in a fabulous lifestyle program? (You don’t have to give up your glass of red wine.) Check it out. There is something very powerful about being connected with a healthy community.

Here is my daily #365grateful vlog.

I love my Vitamix. When you attend the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, you feel quite a bit of peer pressure to buy a vitamix. I am so glad I did. We use it everyday! Some things are just worth it.


Do you set intentions for the New Year? I would love to hear from you!




My Friend Ivone!

I am posting everyday about something I am grateful for. #365grateful. It is another inspiration from Dr. Christiane Northrup. I have been it a bit of a slump, feeling very flat. I thought this would be a fun creative way to feel better. Isn’t that why you have a blog?

Thomas and I go to church almost every Sunday. It is a beautiful historical church in Rumson NJ. We have been members for years. We stopped going for years and now we are back. During that time my friend Ivone joined the church. It makes going to church that more special.

Thomas really enjoys going. Every Saturday, he ask if we are going to church. He especially loves coffee hour. I helped Ivone out this weekend with coffee hour.  Ivone makes a delicious fajita.(I made a fabulous crumb cake.) Perfect together! The crumb cake is not exactly fit and fabulous. It is a Church thing.

Crumb cake cooling before powdered sugar!

Crumb cake cooling before powdered sugar!






Here is my short video about why I am grateful for my friend Ivone. She is excited to make the blog:)  Watch until the end…Hugged with a knife and Thomas makes a cameo.


Here is the real reason…

Here is the real reason I decided to give up the wine for 90 days. I have always taken the easy way. Always is a strong word, for the most part, is is the truth. Here is an example,I went to college and had to pick a major so I went with psychology because I had the most credit in that. Easy.  I don’t especially like making goals, too much pressure. I became a competitive runner after my  son Sam was born. I was very resistant to making goals. They made me nervous. I did well because I trained. Never full out commitment.

I do things to the point of good enough and not to the next level. 3/4 of the way, 80 % . It feels mediocre. I was okay with this in the past but it is time to commit to doing things differently. I decided on December 21st to give up wine for 90 days because it is a commitment. I am sorry to say it is NOT EASY.  Let’s see where this takes me. I want 2016 to be the best year yet!

A side note, I am not writing this to beat myself up. I have had challenges in my life. I took care of things, I now want more.

I would love to hear from you. Can you relate to this? Do you want to join me in the 90 day no wine (alcohol) challenge? We will raise each other up!

I am putting energy into being more creative.

Creativity is a great use of my time. #makesmehappy