No wine, 22 days in.

Time to check in. No wine for 90 days has been a challenge.  I remember Wayne Dyer talking about giving up alcohol and how it was no big deal. When I talk about it, it feels silly that it has had such an impact. I have been feeling emotional flat and depressed or maybe sad is a better word. I have found ways to deal with all of it and it is getter better.

Excuse the shakiness, I need my AV guy!

I have been making a effort to cook delicious satisfying meals. Google the Barefoot Contessa, she has great recipes. I am hoping to shed a few pounds. I have been making Ina Garten’s roasted cashews and eating lots of them. Delicious and high in calories. It is all an adjustment.

This morning, I made low-glycemic grain free banana pancakes.

 Start your day with a delicious nutritious breakfast!

Start your day with a delicious nutritious breakfast!

I would love to hear from you. Have you struggled giving up alcohol, caffeine, sugar? Of  course, we all have! Would you like to join me?

That is it for now!



5 thoughts on “No wine, 22 days in.

  1. Do you have the recipe for the pancakes. Would love to have a low gly grain free recipe.

    Andrea Maldonado

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  2. I’m going to cut way back on whine. Haha, wine! And hopefully, I won’t whine! Cutting back on sugar. Moving more and praying my body doesn’t object with disc issues and tears. So if you consider a ‘cut back’ worthy, then I join you. Wine will be substituted with tea at least 4 days a week to start. No more chocolate. It hates me anyway and I pay dearly for eating it.

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