Extraordinary Health = Extraordinary Life!

“In order to live an extraordinary life, you need Extraordinary Healthy!!! ” Kate Northrup

I was on a Facebook Live business training last Saturday when Kate said the above quote. It really stuck with me. I came down with the flu which lingered on for two weeks.  I haven’t been sick like that for years. I take really good care of myself. Many people around me have had high fevers. I didn’t have that. It pays to take eat well, take your supplements, exercise and sleep!

You really appreciate having good health when you are sick.

I am back! How is your health?

Would you like to have more energy? Are you tired of feeling bloated and achy? Suffering from Hot flashes? Are you craving sugar, salty carbs or caffeine in the afternoon?

A Beautiful Organic Salad

I have put together a 7 Day ..Feel Fabulous Program which will put you on the path to Extraordinary Health. Your next step is up to you.

I am on the journey right along with you!

Check out the program and see if it is right for you. I hope you will join us. It is so important for your health to be part of a supportive community.


“I feel really good. I haven’t eaten so many vegetables in a long time. Your jump start is exactly what I needed. I feel so much better!”

” I feel great. I lost two pounds and the bloat!”

“The Program has been amazing. My aches and pains are gone!”



Are you a “Baby Boomer”?

I am! I googled baby Boomer. If you were born between 1946 and 1964, you are considered a Baby Boomer.

Are you thinking about retirement? Are you wondering how you will spend your day? Are you concerned that your money will run out before you do? Have you ever thought of having your own business? It seems like a crazy time to start a business. Actually, I think it is the perfect time. I have had my own business for almost 9 years. I create my own hours. I do my business around my special need’s son  schedule. I fit it in on my terms. Love that!

I have meet some amazing people along the way. Kate's book launchDr. NorhrupMary and Dr. Oz

My family and I are healthier because of the business and I am making residual income.

Are you interested in learning more?

Another video… 

Go to My Team Northrup page for even more information.

Would you like to get started with me?

The best side effect…YOUR HEALTH WILL IMPROVE!