The Best Machine Invented.

The Best Machine invented according to Jon Kalnas, the Former 3x All American Monmouth University  Track Alum is the Human Body. This is Jon’s philosophy towards personal and athletic training. Jon is the owner of Strength Athletes and co -owner of Critical Mass. Jon trains my son Thomas along with several of his special needs buddies.

Jon and The Guys!

Jon and The Guys!

I know Jon has a passion for health and fitness. He is an amazing athlete himself. At the age of 36, Jon was training for the Olympic Trials as a shot putter. Jon has been taking the pharmaceutical grade supplements that I recommend. He knows how important it is for your cells to be nourished on an Optimal Level. He knows you can’t possibly get the nourishment you need from your food. (As an athlete it is so important to take a pharmaceutical supplement so you know you aren’t going to flunk a drug test.) So, take the best supplements you can and allow your cells to decide what they need because you are the owner of the best machine ever invented…The Human Body!

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