Consignment Shopping

I had my first consignment shopping experience last week. I don’t buy many clothes in general. I have been resistant to consignment shopping because I didn’t want to be wearing someone else clothes. What if that person was cranky or nasty? Bad karma.

I read a blog post of Sarah Jane Adams who found a beautiful piece of jewelry in a pocket of a jacket that she bought at a consignment shop. She felt it was meant to be given to her by a wonderful person. I decided I was looking at this all wrong.I also like the idea of recycling.

My very good friend and clothing architect Wendy Cettina came with me to Greene Street in Red Bank NJ. Wendy is my image and fashion consultant and I couldn’t have done it without her. She shops like a pro. She goes through the racks quickly and picks out what she thinks will work. Wendy gives excellent honest feedback.

I bought this great cotton sweater jacket. I felt so put together today. I will post about my New favorite pants soon:) Thank goodness, Fitness is my fashion statement!


You always look classy with a Golden Retriever by your side. Thanks George the Dog!

Do you shop consignment?  I would love to hear from you!