I am on a Mission!

I am taking my message on the trail! I have decided I need to be brave and reach out to more people. In person! It is easy to sit behind a desk and post things but to actually go out and meet new people AND present my message is a bit terrifying.  It is important what I have to share.

I am 62 and I can do burpees, mountain climbers and push-ups. Maybe you are not quite there but you can start somewhere. You can always get stronger and do things to feel better. I am here to tell you that it is possible and to start making some small changes that will make a difference!

I am also here to tell you that middle age does not need to be about putting on weight. I have lost 4 % points of body fat in the past 6 months with ease and grace! I can help you too!

This Sunday, I will be at Fair Haven Fields. Let’s get together for a walk and a talk! We will end with a few exercises to strengthen and stretch your low back. (Foundation Training) LIFE CHANGING! Meet me by the tennis courts off Dartmouth Ave. 8 AM. If you are not local and want to reach out please contact me and let’s talk!

I will bring George on Sunday. He is always up for a walk!

I will bring George on Sunday. He is always up for a walk!

The Best Machine Invented.

The Best Machine invented according to Jon Kalnas, the Former 3x All American Monmouth University  Track Alum is the Human Body. This is Jon’s philosophy towards personal and athletic training. Jon is the owner of Strength Athletes and co -owner of Critical Mass. Jon trains my son Thomas along with several of his special needs buddies.

Jon and The Guys!

Jon and The Guys!

I know Jon has a passion for health and fitness. He is an amazing athlete himself. At the age of 36, Jon was training for the Olympic Trials as a shot putter. Jon has been taking the pharmaceutical grade supplements that I recommend. He knows how important it is for your cells to be nourished on an Optimal Level. He knows you can’t possibly get the nourishment you need from your food. (As an athlete it is so important to take a pharmaceutical supplement so you know you aren’t going to flunk a drug test.) So, take the best supplements you can and allow your cells to decide what they need because you are the owner of the best machine ever invented…The Human Body!

Click here to learn about the Best supplements!

Do you crave Oreo cookies?

I am with my friend Karin who just finished up the 28 day Fit and Fabulous Program! We are starting the 7 day October program Monday. Contact me if you are local and would like to start with us on Monday. We have 2 kits available!

Here is a quick video, Karin talks about getting off the sugar! Click here for more details.


Everyone of my workouts include some form of squats. Squats are a wonderful functional exercise. They strengthen your glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Once you are able to perform a basic squat, you can start adding weights for even more benefit!

Sometimes it is good to go back to the basics.

Do your squat to a chair or bench.

  • Feet wide
  • Lead with your bottom
  • Butt back and down ,tap the chair with your bottom come back up
  • Chest up


Include squats into your workout!



Are your pants getting tighter?

I just had to share I think these pants will be an all time favorite. It is the best feeling to get dressed in the morning and love what you put on and how you feel in your clothes!


Today is the last day to sign up for the 7 day JumpStart which begins on October 17th. Contact me today or click here to sign up if you are interested in resetting your blood sugar, releasing fat, feeling balanced and sleeping better!  You will feel fabulous in your clothes AND your pants will FIT! GREAT GIVE AWAY IF YOU ARE LOCAL! Watch the video till the end.

Consignment Shopping

I had my first consignment shopping experience last week. I don’t buy many clothes in general. I have been resistant to consignment shopping because I didn’t want to be wearing someone else clothes. What if that person was cranky or nasty? Bad karma.

I read a blog post of Sarah Jane Adams who found a beautiful piece of jewelry in a pocket of a jacket that she bought at a consignment shop. She felt it was meant to be given to her by a wonderful person. I decided I was looking at this all wrong.I also like the idea of recycling.

My very good friend and clothing architect Wendy Cettina came with me to Greene Street in Red Bank NJ. Wendy is my image and fashion consultant and I couldn’t have done it without her. She shops like a pro. She goes through the racks quickly and picks out what she thinks will work. Wendy gives excellent honest feedback.

I bought this great cotton sweater jacket. I felt so put together today. I will post about my New favorite pants soon:) Thank goodness, Fitness is my fashion statement!


You always look classy with a Golden Retriever by your side. Thanks George the Dog!

Do you shop consignment?  I would love to hear from you!


I couldn’t do this 20 years ago.


I was a  runner 20 years ago. Pretty much on my way out. I had a strong lower body and a weak upper body.

Today at 62, I can do this.

It is possible for you too! You can start by doing push ups off the wall and then try off the counter and slowly make your way to the floor.

I don’t like them off the knees.

Here are the cues for a great push up.

  • Get into position.
  • Wrist lined up with your arm pits.
  • Back Flat
  • Squeeze your glutes and your quadriceps.
  • Suck in your belly button.

You will do a really strong push up. Push ups are great for your arms, chest and core! You can do them anytime and anywhere! There are so many fun and challenging variations if you get bored with the basics! For another post:)

Practice your Push ups!