I couldn’t do this ten years ago!

10 years ago, I could barely do 2-3 push ups in a row. I was a distance runner with no concern with upper body strength. Now, my workouts are a 45 minute full body workout focusing on strength, endurance and flexibility.

Check out the push-up off the ground. I was impressed with myself the first time I did this and to be honest I am impressed every time I do it:). It is very empowering. We are working on this in my class and most of the ladies can push up off the ground. Are you local? Would you like to learn more about my program. Click here.


One of my clients touched his toes last week! It was a big deal. Flexibility is also so important. What are you working on today that you couldn’t do ten years ago? Please leave a comment. I would love to hear from you.

Check out the ABS!

Full disclosure...not mine:)

Full disclosure…not mine:)

Menopausal belly, flatter stomach, less bloat…  I have been working on feeling my best.  My abs don’t quite look like the photo BUT there are times when I feel like that. Strong abs are very empowering!!!

I have reduced my grains, I am not totally grain free, because I don’t want strict rules for myself. It doesn’t work. It  increases my cortisol levels causes gas, bloat and weight gain. I am so happy I have figured that one out! It doesn’t pay to be mean to myself! I do so much better when I go easy.  If I do have grains, I have a small portion and I am okay with that.

I am drinking a gallon of water a day. I have a cute mason jar and I drink four of them a day. That alone makes me feel  and look better.

I have great workout classes three times a week. I have a wonderful community #fitandfabulous, we have an effective workout, laugh and and it becomes an occasional therapy session. All included in the price of the program! That is how you make exercise work for you! It needs to be fun!

 Do everything you can to bring pleasure into your life right now!!!

Hula hoops…great ab workout!

How are you feeling?   Are you feeling stuck? Are you tired of not fitting into your clothes? Constipated? Hot flashes? Do you need some support with all of this? Are you  ready to get rid of the bloat and have a flatter stomach? I am here to support you. We are all in this together!

From a happy client. “I am going through menopause and struggling with hot flashes and waking up at night.  I have had  constipation issues all of my life. After three days on the Healthy Gut program I feel so much better from a constipation stand point and bonus round, no hot flashes and sleeping great.!” Elizabeth

Are you  ready to get rid of the bloat and have a flatter stomach?

Bring out the Jump Ropes!

Are you concerned about impact? I love a little impact.

A year ago, I injured my low back, debilitating pain in my left glute, tingling around my knee. I went to my chiropractor and he said to me, how old are you? He wanted me to stop the impact, talk a walk, swim,  AND no impact.  I rested, took a few pain killers, went to physical therapy and I am back to working out.

I did change things up. I have created an effective workout that you do in a minimal amount of time.  I focus on recovery. I foam roll everyday sometimes twice a day, get really good massages, epsom salt baths, etc. After every workout, I include the Foundation training, the work of Dr. Eric Goodman.

I also eat a low-glycemic, low -inflammatory diet. I take really great supplements.  I especially like glucosamine with turmeric.

Today’s workout is a FUN one of course. When was the last time you jumped rope?

Here is the link to the Foundation Training that I do after every workout. You will finished feeling LONG and LEAN…an inch taller:) Go slow with it, build up, you don’t need to do the whole workout all at once. It is not easy but very effective. Strengthens and Stretches!

6 pack abs, core strength, flat belly!

We would all like to have 6 pack abs and a flat belly.

Core Strength is what is important for our health and longevity. You abdominal muscles are a small part of your core. The core is actually many different muscles that run from your shoulders to your hips.

Good Core Strength

  • reduces back pain
  • improves posture.
  • enhances any type of athletic performance.
  • improves balance. (really important on the snow and ice)

The plank is excellent for core strength. I also love including the side plank.

20 second plank, 10 second side plank, 20 second plank, 10 second side plank

Build up to three minutes!

Have fun, do it during the commercials, challenge your family to join in. FAMILY FUN TIME:)