I couldn’t do this ten years ago!

10 years ago, I could barely do 2-3 push ups in a row. I was a distance runner with no concern with upper body strength. Now, my workouts are a 45 minute full body workout focusing on strength, endurance and flexibility.

Check out the push-up off the ground. I was impressed with myself the first time I did this and to be honest I am impressed every time I do it:). It is very empowering. We are working on this in my class and most of the ladies can push up off the ground. Are you local? Would you like to learn more about my program. Click here.


One of my clients touched his toes last week! It was a big deal. Flexibility is also so important. What are you working on today that you couldn’t do ten years ago? Please leave a comment. I would love to hear from you.

Winter Warriors 101

We are starting our program with a 20 minute daily walk. This morning I woke up to a foot of snow and 16 degrees. George my dog is a nag and doesn’t care what the weather is. ┬áHe is always up for a hike outside.

It is so important to get outside and exercise! It boosts your immune system, helps you to beat the winter blues and the winter fat!

Here is a short inspirational video to get you moving. Please post in the comments below that you went for you walk!