The Healthy Gut Program

 Health Coach Tip!
 The health of your gut is so important for your immune system and is linked to so many other issues. Bloating, heartburn, arthritis, allergies… Pretty amazing. See Dr. Hyman’s quote below.
My Story
I have been on the Healthy Gut Program.    I have had bouts of irritable bowel syndrome in my life. Who doesn’t have gas and bloat at times? Here is the real poop! My bowels are so much better and complete. Dr. Oz talks about the S shaped curve in the toilet. I have that now:)
Many of my clients have told me how they have struggled all of their lives with constipation. No more.
Many complain about gaining weight around the middle. Menopausal belly?
 “If you heard of menopausal belly, or wondered why it’s so commonplace to misplace your cell phone and keys when you hit midlife, let go of the idea that the problem is your hormones or “early old-timer’s disease.” Don’t think that way or talk that way. It isn’t your hormones, or early dementia, or a natural part of midlife that’s got your belly sticking out and your brain muddled. It’s what you are eating. The culprit is probably grains.” Dr. Christiane Northrup, Goddesses Never Age
My Healthy Gut Program works! The program is designed  to support a healthy  gut and create a happy digestion system. The program is not hard to follow, you know me easy peasy. I lay it out in a simple way so you will be successful.
So Grateful:
“I am going through menopause and struggling with hot flashes and waking up at night.  I have had  constipation issues all of my life. After three days on the Healthy Gut program I feel so much better from a constipation stand point and bonus round, no hot flashes and sleeping great.!” Elizabeth
It is all about the health of your LIVER!
The Healthy Gut Protocol .
  • In your morning shake add a packet of probiotic and a scoop of fibergy. I also add a scoop of ground golden flax seeds, full of fiber,Omega 3 fatty acids, and rich in calcium. I just like the Golden color:)
  • Shake time: Take your morning supplement pak.
  • Dinner: Take your evening supplement pak.
  • Take the digestive enzymes with lunch and dinner.
  • Bed time: on an empty stomach take 3 hepasil. Hepasil is great for your liver and important to take at night when the liver does it’s best detoxing.
  •  Through out the day drink plenty of water.

Here is a short 4 minute video about Hepasil.

I am ready to get rid of the bloat and have a flatter stomach.

Program includes 28 day supply:

  •  Highest rated pharmaceutical grade supplements. ( I think the best on the planet.) 28 day supply of customized AM & PM multivitamin + mineral supplement + Grape Seed extract + Calcium/Magnesium. The entire pack is pharmaceutical-grade (which is an even higher standard than organic), scientifically tested for safety of upper-limit dosages, and manufactured in an FDA-registered facility.
  • Probiotics ( I love these packets, no need to refrigerate, so easy to take.) 28 day supply of a pharmaceutical-grade, milk-free probiotic supplement to support your digestive health. 
  • Digestive enzymes  28 day supply of a pharmaceutical-grade digestive enzymes supplement to support your digestive health
  • Hepasil (my favorite) 28 day supply of a pharmaceutical grade LIVER DETOX support .
  • Fibergy (this makes a big difference, keeps things moving along.) 28 day of a pharmaceutical grade fiber blend that provides 12 grams of dietary fiber   
  • Nutrimeal Meal FreeA 27 day supply of a delicious plant-based, nutritious protein/meal replacement powder.  This powder has a low-glycemic index to help reduce carbohydrate cravings and provide energy  throughout the day.Fructose free, soy free, dairy free, and gluten free. 


YOU will be part of the Fit and Fabulous Facebook community where we share recipes, exercise tips and create a healthy community together. It all works together.

Do you need more product info? Click here  Make sure and scroll down to the bottom of the page under DIGESTION and DETOX.

I am ready to get rid of the bloat and have a flatter stomach! I encourage you to embrace the program for 28 days. You will notice a difference and a flatter stomach.


2 ways to go! Your choice…

 The Full Healthy Gut Program with the Nutrimeal Free. $389.00 buy now

The Healthy Gut Program (use your own shakes) without the Nutrimeal Free. $289.00 buy now

“Most of us (including most doctors) do not recognize or know that digestive problems wreak havoc in the entire body, leading to allergies, arthritis, autoimmune disease, rashes, acne, chronic fatigue, mood disorders, autism, dementia, cancer, and more.

So having a healthy gut means more than simply being free of annoyances like bloating or heartburn! It is absolutely central to your health. It is connected to EVERYTHING that happens in your body. That’s why I almost always start helping people treat chronic health problems by fixing their gut, which is what I want to help you do today.” Dr. Mark Hyman

Are you ready to get rid of the bloat and have a flatter stomach?

2 ways to go!

 The Full Healthy Gut Program with the Nutrimeal Free. $389.00  buy now

The Healthy Gut Program (use your own shakes) without the Nutrimeal Free. $289.00 buy now

Out of the United States? Pricing is different so please contact me and I will set up you.

Fit and Fabulous...Aging Optional!

Fit and Fabulous…Aging Optional!

It is possible for you too!

I am ready to get rid of the bloat and have a flatter stomach!



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