Balance Your Hormones Day1

I started my 30 Days of No gluten, sugar and alcohol this morning. I bought some organic green tea to see how it would be if I replaced my morning cup of coffee with tea. My tea lady Kirsten at Tea 4 U suggested I have green tea first thing in the morning and if I feel like a cup of coffee later than go ahead. This morning I got up and made a cup of tea. I am amazed that I felt fine with no headache. I did feel calmer.

Sunday is our church day. I went to coffee hour and had a very small piece of egg with spinach. I decided to go home to make coffee. My French press coffee is so much better than church coffee. I make it strong and only drank a small cup.

I feel good. My mouth is still a bit off, a slight burn to it. I have confidence it will be better. No hot flashes.

I am making Danielle Walker’s Chicken soup for dinner. I love her cook books! Very simple easy gluten free and dairy free recipes.


Would you like to join me? So much easier with friends! Dr. Northrup says we will feel changes quickly. Balanced hormones are key to fabulous health!

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30 Days…


I have been off my bio-identical hormones for 8 months or so. I have been having some issues recently.  Burning mouth, dry mouth, hot flashes, overall irritability and sleeping well some nights but not others. I think it might have been triggered by the Holidays and too much sugar.

I had acupuncture this week and have started taking magnesium at bedtime. Last night I pulled out Goddesses Never Age by Dr. Christiane Northrup. I opened up to page 248.

Thank you!

Thank you!

 A Word about Balancing Your Hormones.

“You’ve heard that hormones naturally get out of balance in midlife. Want to balance your hormones quickly? Eliminate sugar, gluten and alcohol from your diet, Journal about it and see how quickly you experience changes in your mood, energy level, mental clarity and cravings for unhealthy foods.”

Talk about a sign!

Sugar and gluten aren’t a big issue for me. I love a glass of wine with dinner. What if I feel so much better with out it?

Here goes I am committing to 30 days with out sugar, gluten and alcohol.

Would you like to join me? So much easier with friends!

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Fat Burning in the cold!


Do you stop working out because it is cold outside? Read on maybe I will change your mind.

I love this time of year and my outdoor workouts. I was a skier and it was fabulous!  My husband and I skied. We went on great winter vacations. It was so wonderful to ski all day and then go out for a delicious dinner including a decadent piece of mud pie. Once we had kids life got a bit complicated and we stopped.

I do miss skiing on some level.  I loved the freedom of going fast down a mountain. I don’t really want to do it anymore. I don’t miss all of the equipment and freezing on chair lifts.

I still love winter, snow and being outside. There are also great health benefits.

Did you know you burn more fat in the cold than the heat?  “There is clinical evidence that freezing temps can help you burn more fat. According to a 2014 study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, contending with the cold can help encourage your body to turn white fat — the kind lurking in trouble spots like your belly and thighs — into brown fat, which helps your body burn calories. When you have more brown fat, you’re more likely to burn extra calories rather than storing them as fat.Read more here.

My outdoor workouts  are great anytime of year but winter is my favorite.  We are finished within the hour. So Perfect!

I have  a wonderful community with  a twinge of craziness! The average age is 59 1/2!!!

Click here to learn how to join in on the fun! I can modify for any fitness level!

My Secret Breakfast!

It is not really a secret but I feel my typical breakfast has been very helpful. My son Thomas has it as well. My son Tom as many of you know is 27 and Developmentally Delayed. It is really important to me that it eats well.  I make him a shake and give him a bowl of my secret weapon to start his day.

My friend and mentor Penny Northrup Kirk told me about this. She is 65 and looks phenomenal. She is down to her fighting weight.! Since starting this protocol I have released 4% body fat and weaned myself off my bio-identical hormones.


1/4 cup Organic Full Fat Cottage Cheese

2 TBS Organic Flax seed oil (buy the good stuff in refrigerator section)

1 TBS Organic Ground Flax Seed

Pet touches…I like to add sliced pears or apples with pecans. Or Turmeric with black pepper and pumpkin seeds. The possibilities are endless!



  • Weight Loss
  • Relieves Constipation , Diarrhea
  • Anti Cancer
  • Increases collagen
  • Reduces Eczema
  • Heart Health

This is also called the Budwig Protocol. Here is a link to an excellent article by  Dr. Josh Axe that goes into more details of the Budwig Protocol and the  amazing benefits of flax seed oil.

Give it a try and let me know how you like it!



Fit and Fabulous Fat Burner!



Have you heard of it? It sounds like a swear word, some kind of smack down. Right?

According to Dr. Jonny Bowden,  SHMEC- ” the MOST POWERFUL BIO FEEDBACK SIGNALS that tell you how your body and brain are progressing during your metabolic upgrade.  Your metabolic upgrade is the process of changing into a FAT BURNER!

SHMEC stands for sleep, hunger, mood, energy, cravings.

Check in with your SHMEC daily. It will tell you whether you are burning fat or back to burning sugar.

If you are in Fat burning mode:

Sleep soundly through the night with no night sweats. (Menopausal women as well, decreased night sweats!)

Hunger will be at a minimum. You will have a feeling of emptiness not irritability, urgency, low blood sugar or a feeling of fogginess. You will be in a balanced state.

Mood will be stable. You will feel in control with more self confidence.

Energy will be consistent and abundant . You will develop a feeling of Lightness.

Cravings will be almost non-existent. You will be amazed that you can pass up on snacks that would have taken you down in the past.

Bonus Round…You will be losing Fat including that stubborn fat around the middle.

The BIG QUESTION! How do I become a FAT BURNER?

Start with the 7 day My Smart Start. It takes 7 days to change from a sugar burner to a fat burner! You can totally change your life in 7 days. I will  support you along the way. We also have a wonderful facebook community where we post and create a Fit and Fabulous Lifestyle together. You are not alone. Do you want to be healthy and fit in 2017?  I think it is time! Hang with healthy and fit people!

Your day will consist of 2 delicious smoothies, a protein bar, and a low-glycemic snack and a low-glycemic dinner.

Does a 7 day Smart Start sound right for you?

The Kit has  Non-GMO gluten free Protein shakes,  delicious Protein bars and the best supplements on the planet to get you started on your 7 days.


$19.71 a day

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My typical client is a menopausal woman. This program will work for anyone. Here is a quick video with my nephew Mark. He has lost 10 lbs on the program! Energized and is running faster!!