Balance Your Hormones Day 4!

Exercise! Some people love it and some people hate it! It has always been an important part of my life. It brings me joy and happiness. I have met some many of my friends through exercise. I met Christa, my OutdoorFit business partner at a gym years ago. I have such a great community of women that come to my classes. They have become friends with me and with each other.

Resistance band training with Christa!

Resistance band training with Christa!

I am off track of the subject or maybe not. Joy , happiness and a supportive community are an important component of hormonal balance as is exercise.

Exercise is vital for health and may reduce some of the problems associated with hormonal imbalance. Issues like not being to sleep, weight gain, mood swings, and overall irritability.

Find an exercise that you love and do it. If you can get outside, even better! Are you local? Come try a workout.

Here is to Day 4!