Friday’s Food Journal

I don’t normally journal about my food. These past three weeks I have been, at least a few times a week. I wanted to record what I was eating so I would be able to share what worked for me on The Program. #burningmenopausalbellyfat

Why keep a Food Journal?

  • Proven method for weight loss.
  • Helps you understand your eating habits. (jot down how you are feeling.)
  • If I am writing it down, my diet is better, keeps me focused on the good food choices.
  • Measuring is important in the beginning. I no longer measure because I have a sense of what the portion should be. If I stop dropping the pounds I will go back and measure.
  • It is great to include your exercise for the day as well.
  • You will begin to understand what is working and what isn’t.
Love the Sharpie!

Love the Sharpie!

There are all sorts of apps  that will record for you. I enjoy my notebook and writing it down.

I love reading what other people eat and what their day looks like? Do you?

That is it for today!



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