My Magical Morning Shake!

My basic morning smoothie which is part of my Optimal Health Program is so easy and good for you.

Are you ready to feel great, get rid of the bloat and have a flatter stomach? Bonus: drop the excess weight.



Full of fiber and a home grown cucumber:)

Probiotics…”gut of your health” watch the video you will know what I am talking about it.

I add coconut oil to my morning smoothie.

“It’s been shown to support healthy metabolism, and contribute to satiety. There’s also evidence coconut oil is a heart-healthy food because it supports healthy triglyceride levels and maintains good cholesterol levels already in the normal range.” Dr. Brian Dixon
It  is so important to start your day off balanced. If you  are not quite ready to embrace my FITANDFABULOUS PROGRAM. Make one change this week and blend up a morning smoothie. Such an easy way to start your day off right. You can blend it the night before but don’t add the fibergy until you are ready to drink it. Thickens up if it sits too long.

I also love to add Nutrimeal Free to my energy bites. Have you tried the Grain free chocolate peppermint cookies with Nutrimeal Free? You can add it to your pancakes as well. Great way to up the protein!