Oh, my aching back!

A Very Powerful Movement.

A Very Powerful Movement.

Do you have reoccurring back issues? Have you bent over to pick up something and your back was in excruciating pain? I have!

Over the years, I have seen Doctors, Chiropractors,physical therapists, massage therapist and acupuncturists. I would go swimming. I would do yoga. I would take powerful muscle relaxants. Ice, heat…I did it all. I still would have reoccurring back problems.

Two years ago, I discovered Foundation Training which is the work of Dr. Eric Goodman. I integrate Foundation Training into everyone of one my workouts. My back is stronger and I am more flexible! I am not in pain. When I do too much and I feel the tightness creeping back, I spend ten minutes doing Foundation Training. SO much better… It works!

From one of my workout ladies,”I moved 8 yards of mulch yesterday and my back did not hurt. Your workouts are working!”

I would love for all of you to come to my workouts. I promise you , your back will become stronger and perhaps pain free.

Here is the link to a Foundation Training workout if you can’t make it to Fair Haven Fields with me.



Mountain Climbers and Burpees, oh my!


Rainy Saturday morning , here is a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout for you. It is not pretty but I did it. Burpees add a whole new meaning to the workout. So effective! You can always modify and do the exercises off a chair or start out with just two minutes. Let me know how you do.

20 seconds on 10 seconds rest

2 rounds of mountain climbers

2 rounds of burpees

Repeat the rounds and DONE! It is a challenge and you are finished in four minutes. Perfect. I have it all timed out for you. Do it with me.

Here is the link to the long and lean foundation training. Click on foundation training in the post.


I have been reading, Dr. Northrup’s NY times best seller. Are  you reading it? Dr. Northrup loves HIIT workouts as well.

Dr. Northrup's book


Learn more about joining Team Northrup with me here.

I have the inside scoop on amazing Ageless Goddess’ supplement pac. On your way to fabulous, vibrant and healthy! I can customize a energizing pac for you here. #fitandfabulous #agelessgoddesses


Boom! A make up demo #fitandfabulous

This is just about the last thing I thought I would be blogging about. I received my Cindy Joseph Boom Sticks and I just had to share. I love them!  So fun and more importantly so easy.

Beauty of course is an inside job, it is so important to eat well, take the best supplements on the planet , use a fabulous paraben- free skin care line have Fun and get a good night sleep. (I can create “AN AGELESS LIVING MY HEALTH PACK” for you that the Ageless Goddess Dr. Christiane Northrup mentioned on a call last night.)

It is also fun to play with a little make-up and the best part about Boom by Cindy Joseph it doesn’t seem like make-up.

Check this out!



Thank you to Wendy Cettina, my fashion, curtain consultant and my camera gal!

Wendy S. Cettina Original Designs

Wendy S. Cettina Original Designs

Radiance, Vitality and Wellbeing!

I have been a member of Team Northrup and Usana Health Science for 8 years now! Each month we have a telegathering on different subjects. The next telegathering is close to my heart and I wanted to share the opportunity with you. You will go away with an actionable plan to begin living agelessly today. I know Dr. Northrup loves High intensity training, maybe the plan includes Burpees. I think that is just my plan:)

February Telegathering/ Ageless Living: the secret prescription for radiance, vitality and wellbeing.

Tuesday, February 17th
8:00pm -8:30pm EST
Free Telegathering
Have you ever heard someone say “act your age” or “I’m too old to…” or how about “at my age…” The social stigmas around aging are everywhere. However, aging does not have to mean a decline in health and vitality. Join leading women’s health pioneer Christiane Northrup, M.D. with her sister Penny Northrup Kirk, co-founders of Team Northrup, for an intimate 30-minute discovery and learn how to get older without aging, the 3 emotional wounds that keep you stuck and how to heal them, plus an actionable plan to begin living agelessly today!
Fill in the contact form to reserve your space on this FREE call.

Your Entire Body Stays Strong!

I have modified my workouts in the past few months. I love being Fit and I am focused on what is the minimum I need to do and teach you to do to be Fit and Fabulous!

I have been following the work of Dr. Eric Goodman, Foundation Training. Here is one of the exercises he recommends integrating into your fitness program. Very effective, “Your Entire Body Stays Strong!”

Fit and Fabulous is all about OPTIMAL HEALTH. Eat well, take the best supplements and get out there and move. So much more coming in the New Year! So stay tuned:)

I feel longer and leaner!

Last spring, I hurt my back actually my Sacroiliac joint. I didn’t do anything except overused the area. I had pain and kept pushing through. Can you relate to that? Of course, I started to think oh I am too old to be doing my workouts. A person my age shouldn’t be jumping around, doing burpees, sprinting…blah, blah, blah.

I went to the chiropractor had a month of physical therapy, took ibuprofen, a few muscle relaxants. I began to feel better but I still had lingering numbness around my left knee. Do I need to accept this numbness?

I started going to yoga again and kept up with my massages. I was better but still had the numbness around my knee.

I came across the work of Dr. Eric Goodman and Foundation training. I have been doing his workouts for a few weeks now and I feel so much better! I wake up feeling LONGER  AND LEANER! It is so empowering! Of course I have incorporated the training into my 7AM work outs.

I started my new class in September. It is now a 45 minute class. I love it! I have short intense effective workouts. This morning we jumped rope for 8 minutes, 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. My ladies are great, jump with 2 feet fast with no pitter patter, very impressive. We did 2 rounds of weight training and then finished up with Foundation Training. Everyone goes home feeling LONGER ,LEANER and EMPOWERED!

I have also  strongly encouraged my ladies to take the best quality supplement like I do. You get amazing results, when you eat a low-glycemic diet, exercises and take your supplements! THAT IS HOW YOU BECOME FIT AND FABULOUS!!!



Jump start your morning walk!

We are streamlining OutdoorFit into 2 amazing workouts a week during the summer months. Wednesdays and Fridays 7:30 AM.

I have been working on what I need to do to keep in shape without doing too much. I want my body to be strong, vibrant and healthy. I don’t want to deal with overuse issues.

Yesterday morning, I dropped Thomas off at Dorbrook park for camp. Dorbrook has a beautiful 2 mile trail that George the dog and I like to walk. I decided to up my walk with a run/walk. I run until my body feels like I have had enough and then I walk. This is something new for me. I was a competitive runner and I know how to train hard. I am learning how to pay attention to my body. Long Runs no longer serve me. I am writing that out so hopefully I am listening!

My morning run/walk also included a 9 minute strength, cardio full body workout. Yes, only 9 minutes! I stopped at a picnic bench on the trail for George to lay down  in the shade.

Here is my workout:

30 second rounds.

Total Body Extensions



Jumping Jacks

Knee to elbow

Alt. reverse lunge

Rest one minute and complete 2 more rounds.

BONUS ROUND…after final set 10 burpees just to make it a great day!

I did a total of 45 push-ups, 45 squats etc. within the 9 minute workout! You can achieve a lot in a short period of time. Try it!

George the dog and I completed the 2 mile trail with a run/walk. People do like to stop us because George is so handsome.

Optimal Health= A low-glycemic diet, exercise and high quality supplements!

George sleeping after his morning run at the park!  :)

George sleeping after his morning run at the park!


I love creative people. They are inspiring to me. I look up creative people on you tube and Ted talk. I am interested in what they have to say. I have tried different things in my life. I took a pottery class and and made a few beautiful heavy lopsided bowls. A few fortunate love ones got them as a Christmas gift. One year, everyone received a handmade scarf or cap for Christmas. Stunning.  I had my own business Khaki & Moss where I made cute bags and also bought other people’s products and put my label on it. It was creative but not exactly 100% my own artwork.

I have friends like Wendy Cettina who create their own beautiful clothing. Alyssa Truckenbrod can make a bar of soap.  Elizabeth (I call her Beth) Harbaugh can walk into a room, rearrange, simplify and make it a work of art. Veronique of OceanRock Design can create a beautiful bag out of vintage World War 2 material.

All very inspiring, I am not sure where this is going but I know creativity is linked to my happiness. I have decided that I can clean, shine my kitchen sink and put out a bar of handmade soap right next to a lopsided bowl. That is CREATIVITY for me. Simple, Easy and Beautiful!



Health Coach Tip of the DAY!

Do something that inspires you. Plant a pot of red geraniums, clean out your sock drawer or rearrange a book shelf. Tell me what works for you! How does it make you feel?




Here are a few questions for you to answer.

Do you find yourself unable to control your eating, especially when it comes to
sugar and refined carbohydrates?

Are you ready to let go of the bloated, puffy feeling that seems to
accompany you everywhere you go?

When the clock strikes 3:00pm do you find yourself in an afternoon haze,
unable to focus, get the energy to do anything, and wishing you could either
take a nap or stuff your face with sugar and caffeine (which you often
actually do?)

After dinner do you continue to open the refrigerator and pantry doors,
never feeling satisfied and continuing to eat until your head hits the
pillow at night?

If you answered YES to one or more of the questions above,  I can help you.

It’s time to RESET.

“Weight loss is entirely possible any time you make a resolution to lose
weight. Keeping your blood sugar stable and avoiding deprivation are absolutely
essential to success. There are many, many ways to do this. But as a physician,
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Create a healthy lifestyle that works.

So many people make a decision to make a change at the beginning of the year.
Yet so many of us find ourselves going back to our old ways within a week or
two.  I can help you stick with a program that works.

RESET is a clinically-proven, 5-day high-fiber cleanse that actually RESETs
metabolism and ELIMINATES your sugar/carb cravings as you:

* detox

* boost your mood

* increase your energy level

* balance your hormones

* improve your sleep

* increase clarity

* and release fat!

Doctors and health-care practitioners worldwide such
as women’s health pioneer, Christiane Northrup, M.D. and nutritional
medicine expert, Karen Wolfe, M.D, recommend RESET.

Release unwanted weight.

People who do the RESET program loose between 5 and 10 pounds during the
5-day, high-fiber cleanse. It’s a great way to lose excess
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Get rid of your carb and sugar cravings.

RESET retrains your body using the principles of low-glycemic eating so that
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Join me to ensure your success.

Studies show that when it comes to losing weight and creating lasting change in
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Keep it simple. Keep it easy.

RESET doesn’t require juicing, fasting, intricate food preparation, starving
yourself, being in the gym for hours at a time, or paying thousands of dollars.
It’s 5-days of GLUTEN FREE,  low-glycemic meal and snack replacements, lots of water, and
fruits and vegetables. It comes in a box with everything you need to release
weight and eliminate your cravings successfully (just add water, fruits, and
vegetables.) It’s so simple you can’t screw it up. I promise.

Get the support you need.

I am putting a group of people together to do the RESET  with my
support. RESET and the principles of low-glycemic eating changed my
relationship with food forever. I believe in this program because it’s what
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guided many others through the program, helping them loose 5, 25, and even 45
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Join Today to start Reset on May 19th!

Timing not right for you? Register anytime and allow 2 weeks to receive your products.

Here’s what you get:

·     RESET 5-day high-fiber cleanse (5-day supply of low glycemic meal and
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· I will coach you during the 5 day Reset. I will be available to answer any
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·     Daily support emails with valuable tips, insights, and inspiration to
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· An online workout for you to integrate into your week.

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Please forward to anyone you think might want to join us!

“I grew up on Happy Hour.”

Day 2 of my 10 day detox. I am waiting to feel vibrant and healthy. I am still in  a caffeine withdrawal fog.

On to the next part of the day. “I grew up on Happy Hour.” My dad traveled a lot for business and my mom was home with 8 kids. Can you imagine? When my dad was home , my parents would always and still do have happy hour. I give them credit for stopping and taking the time to connect at the end of the day. My two brothers still are invited every Monday for Martini Monday at my parents. It is a special group…invitation only! My Dad starting running marathons in his 50’s and his shirt was “Martini Powered”.

My parents are living well into their 80’s so God Bless.


Back to me, every night when I make dinner I like to have a glass of wine. I do try to stick with organic wine.  So sorry, but no alcohol on the 10 day detox. I debated about this program because I know of another program that allows for a cup of coffee and a glass of red wine. It sounds so much better. BUT, I think it is good to stop just so you know you can:) It is not an easy thing for me. I start feeling agitated because I need to make dinner and I don’t always feel like it. A glass of wine just makes it a nicer time.

I am so grateful that I am detoxing as a group. Accountability is a good thing. My spirit and attitude will be changing.



water and lemon this week.

water and lemon this week.