Balance Your Hormones Day 7!

7 days in…

I enjoy a glass of wine when I go to cook dinner.  Now that I am off alcohol, dinner time feels stressful to me. I am looking for ways to make this process easy.

My friend Ivone gave me her crock pot. (She updated her crock pot. A nice ALL-ClAD.) I am thrilled to have her old one. Ivone is an amazing cook. It is great karma to have her crock pot!

10 o’clock this morning I made slow-cooker beef chuck chili. Danielle Walker’s recipe from Against All Grains. (Page 96) It is a nice easy recipe. Our dinner will be all set! against-all-grain

I have also been blending up “GOOD GIRL MOONSHINE”.  I found it on Pinterest last year when I was looking for a wine replacement.


(Google good girl moonshine. I am not sure where the original recipe came from.)

Planning and Preparation are important component to Balance.

Happy Planning.



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