The first bite is the best!

Day 4 #Burningbellyfat

Have you noticed the first bite is the most enjoyable? Take the time to savor…

This morning, I made my energy bites which I love but they are full of fat and calories. Healthy fat but still you shouldn’t overdue. It is important to have a small portion and enjoy it. Portion Control…just writing that feels so boring. It is the truth.

I cut them in one inch squares. I figure they are probably about 150 calories which is perfectly fine. Sit and enjoy!

Riding my bike in the basement.

Day 3

Bump it up…I have my workouts Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning. Usually, Wednesday all I do is walk George the dog. Today, I rode my bike in the basement for a half hour and sprinted a few of the commercials.  The sprinting is key, boost the metabolism, and puts you into a fat burning mode.

Small changes can make a big difference. Working on the menopausal belly.

I would love to hear from you. What are you doing for exercise?



Menopausal Belly Video?

I weighed myself this morning.








I know I have put on a few pounds. My belly is expanding. I am Miss Fit and Fabulous so it is really hard for me to talk about this. I am being honest with myself and all of you. In the past, I would have done the 5 day Reset program which works really well if you have a sugar issue. The first time I did Reset I definitely had sugar issues and I lost 5 pounds in 5 days. It worked  great and I no longer have sugar issues. The last few times I did Reset I lost 2 pounds. I don’t want to Reset to lose the weight.

Yes, there is a chocolate shake in the box!

Yes, there is a chocolate shake in the box!


I do have a wonderful morning shake from my healthy gut program. Nutrimeal Free, strawberries, cucumber and Fibergy. I had a shake at 6:30 and wasn’t hunger for lunch until 1.

I have decided not to be hard on myself but to exercise a little more and eat a little less.  I take my Fit and Fabulous supplement, so important to nutrient your cells properly. The weight will come off easier.

I shot my own video, debated whether I should post it. It is my first one, they will get better, it is a bit shaky.

Please, I would love to hear from you. This was not an easy post. You will be my accountability partner!

Thank you.