Have you checked in with your SHMEC?


Day 20 of no gluten, sugar or alcohol. My SHMEC is great!!!

You are in balance when your SHMEC is in balance. I have been off gluten, sugar and alcohol for 20 days. I feel so much better. I am sleeping, the hot flashes have lessen and have lost the stomach bloat.

Still a slight agitation in the evening when I like a glass of wine at dinner. Rehab is 28 days so it is okay. It is getting better. I have found some good substitutions…. Golden milk, kombucha, a nice cup of tea.

How is your SHMEC?

Do you struggle with hot flashes, not sleeping, weight gain, cravings, and extra belly fat? Are you tired in the afternoon and searching for a treat?Are you tired of it? Do you feel like you can’t do anything about it? I am here to tell you that you can start to feel a difference your first week.

I am putting together a 7 day program of No grains, sugar and alcohol with my friend Chef Ivone of Healthy Sage. You will be amazed at how much better you can feel in a short period of time. Are you ready to look and feel your best?

It is so much easier to do it in a group and with a friend.

Ivone and I are doing the 30 day program together. We text every day to keep on track. Accountability and humor is key!

We are getting together at my house to kick off the 7 days on February 25th.

We will give you recipes and tips to support you during the week. Delicious coffee will be served and maybe even a no grains, no sugar yet scrumptious treat!

We will have a secret facebook group. We will be providing daily support, guidance, recipes and tips. You will have lifetime access to the group.

I hope you will join us.  More fun with friends! Your hormones will thank you. Happy Healthy Hormones!!

This is an online program so you can join without coming in person.

The Investment in You is $35.00!

buy now



George the Dog wanted to make the post!

George the Dog wanted to make the post!

One thought on “Have you checked in with your SHMEC?

  1. Do you offer any distance programs/materials/guidance for people who live in a different state and (most sadly) cannot attend your fitness sessions? I used to be a Fit and Fabulous group member on Face Book a few years ago (paid the $35 via Paypal), but I have since had to set up a new Facebook account and lost access to the group. All your wonderful recipes were posted there and now I no longer have acess to them. Anyway, I’d lile to try again, but as I remember there wasn’t much for us far away folks. I’d still very much appreciate some guidance though as I struggle with constant bloating, constipation, and weight gain issues. I’ve been gaining weight due to lack of exercise. I used to be a dedicated runner, but have suffered knee and back injuries. I switched to walking but I don’t get the same exercise outcome. Also I struggle with having the time to walk because I work full time, and take care of my senior parents – so very little time for me anymore. The stress, hormone issues, and lack of exercise are doing a number on my body. I try to eat clean and rather minimally, but I know need to cook proper meals for myself (a lot more). I feel I am gluten sensitive so I try to eliminate as much gluten as possiblethough I’m sure I’m not 100% with that. I’m in my late 40s and probably experiencing premenopause, so I’m having these issues as well. As a former fit athlete I am definitely NOT pleased with any of these changes, and really need to find some sense of balance and control. Hoping you could help a bit. Thanks!

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