Making Crackers with Chef Ivone!

This morning Ivone and I got together to make Grain Free Rosemary Raisin Crackers. We are launching our 7 Day Happy Healthy Hormone Program of No Grains, Sugar, Alcohol. Ivone is working on the recipes. These cracker from Against All Grains are delicious and easy to make.

The video is a bit awkward. I need to figure out how to edit. It is worth watching Ivone make Crackers.

Here is the info for our 7 Day Happy Healthy Hormone Program!

 No grains, sugar and alcohol.

I can feel your resistance…

You will be amazed at how much better you can feel in a short period of time. Are you ready to look and feel your best?

I am here to tell you that you can start to feel a difference your first week.

It is so much easier to do it in a group and with a friend.

We are getting together at my house to kick off the 7 days on February 25th.

We will give you recipes and tips to support you during the week. Delicious coffee will be served and scrumptious Rosemary Raisin Crackers!

We will have a secret facebook group. We will be providing daily support, guidance, recipes and tips. You will have lifetime access to the group.

I hope you will join us.  More fun with friends! Your hormones will thank you. Happy Healthy Hormones!!

This is an online program so you can join without coming in person.

The Investment in You is $35.00!

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