Love The Ghee!

I started making ghee a few months ago when I decided to increase the fat in my diet. I LOVE IT! I blend it in my morning coffee with coconut oil. I sauteed apple and nuts in ghee to add to my breakfast. I sauteed tofu, cashews and rosemary in it for an afternoon snack. It makes everything delicious!

Adding more fat to your diet, helps your hormones stay in balance.

  • Ghee has a high smoke point. It is excellent to cook with.
  • Ghee is rich in Vitamin A, D and E.
  • Ghee can be used by people with dairy sensitivity. The lactose and casein is removed during the straining process.
  • Ghee made from happy grass fed cows contain CLA,¬†Conjugated linoleic acid. CLA may actually reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and tumors. It has also been helpful in weight loss, reducing inflammation and body fat.
  • Ghee contains Butyrate which may improve colon health and digestion.

The best part, it is DELICIOUS and you can keep it on your counter in a pretty Ball jar!

Embrace The Ghee

Embrace The Ghee

It is easy to make ghee. Take a pound of organic unsalted butter, (grass fed butter is even better) and put it in a pot on a low temperature. I let it cook for about 15 minutes and strain it through cheese cloth to remove all of the toxins from the butter. My friend Dr. Deb Kern has a great video on making ghee. She loves to chant and send out goodness while the ghee is simmering. It is a spiritual practice for her.

"In Ireland cows graze on the green pastures of small family farms."

“In Ireland cows graze on the green pastures of small family farms.”