Joyce is an amazing OutdoorFitter. She works 50-60 hours a week as a manager of the   Sotheby’s Heritage House Real Estate Office in Rumson, New Jersey. Joyce is one of our early morning OutdoorFitters. She gets specials applauds for showing up at 7Am in the cold…that is dedication!

Here are some of Joyce’s Fit and Fabulous Tips.

  • Laugh
  • Meditate, (even just three minutes)
  • Exercise, (push yourself in a healthy way)
  • Eat Well, (lots  of greens and it is nice to have a husband who loves to cook. You can always love to cook for yourself!)
  • Take the best supplements, (click here to take a true health assessmentso you too can take the best!)

Here is a 4 minute video of Joyce on a very windy Sunday. Please excuse the wind noise and watch till the end. I share an empowering tip of the day that you don’t want to miss!

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