2014…This is the year!

Karin Ostrom HHC  and I are putting together a team of people who want to become Fit and Fabulous!

Did you know that community boost your immune system? Well, it does. Let’s do this together!

Here is a 4 minute video that goes over our program.

I will also  be creating a 4 week WINTER WARRIORS 101 fitness program that will be open to anyone who joins our program!

Karin and I look forward to supporting everyone on their health journey! All aglow!

You need to register by December 20th if you want to start with us on January 6th.


Karin and I are teaming up with an amazing group of people in January 2014 for a 12 week Reset Challenge. Please don’t let the 12 weeks scare you. This will become your lifestyle!

Here are some of the benefits of the program:

  • sleeping more soundly
  • Clearer, more radiant skin
  • releasing unwanted belly fat
  • having more energy throughout your day
  • a significant result in bloating and water retention
  • stabilized hormones throughout the month
  • decreased inflammation in your cells
  • you will wake up in the morning and put your pants on and they FIT.


Are you in? Let me know!

Are you too old…think again!

I taught the 9 Am OutdoorFit class today. It was a small class so it gave me a chance to interview two of my seasoned athletes.

Here are some of Mary and Sissie’s FIT AND FABULOUS TIPS!

  • Show up
  • Show up with a great attitude
  • Modify when necessary.
  • Go out , eat and drink with one another…a community of Fun people is a wonderful thing for health and longevity.

Here is a short two minute video of two of our Super stars! Please watch until the end. Mary and Sissie demonstrate injury preventing warm-up exercises. The karaoke and the side shuffle can also increase agility , coordination and if you are moving fast enough it can be a great part of a cardio workout!

Please excuse all of the excess camera movement, I was the camera gal today as well. I was talking and filming at the same time.