6 minute Egg in Avocado!


Eating a higher fat diet especially breakfast has created a real shift in my body. This was my breakfast this morning.



Slice an avocado in half.  Flattened it out slightly keeping the depression for egg.

ghee or butter in frying pan, heat avocado for one minute over med heat and add egg.

add small amount of water to pan, cover and simmer for 5 minutes.

Topped with greens and basil from my garden.

salt and pepper to taste! DELICIOUS!! Thomas had one too. #makesmehappy

Coconut oil in Coffee

Lemon in water

AND my morning supplements!


A workout for you !. HIIT, high intensity interval training. 30 seconds of all out followed by 30 seconds rest. 4 exercises, 3 rounds. Give it a try.

The push up and burpee mountain climber were out of camera range during the workout video. If you need a demo…



Burpee Mountain Climber


8 minute HIIT

Here is an eight minute HIIT (high intensity interval workout for you). I watch these workouts online , mostly demonstrated by ripped young men. I think it is important for you to know that you can do this as well.  It might not be as pretty at 60 something but I get it down and reap the benefits. I hope I inspire you to give it a try. (I messed up the squat jumps the first time around, just move for those 30 seconds, try jumping jacks:)

If you need help modifying please leave me a comment below.

If you are local and want to workout with me. Here is my Spring Schedule!