Snacking is SO not Chic!

I snack everyday. How about you? I actually text a Fit and Fabulous group everyday around 3:30 to have a snack and take their supplements. (only the best supplements of course.)

I am reading a new book. I found Jennifer L Scott of The Daily Connoisseur on youtube. I became obsessed. I bought her book Lessons from Madame Chic 20 Stylish Secrets I learned while living in Paris.  It arrived in the mail and I open up the book to find an adorable 5×7 book. I am savoring it. It is all apart of a Fit and Fabulous lifestyle!

Live a Passionate Life

Live a Passionate Life

Part 1 Diet and Exercise. (“MAKE DINING WELL A PRIORITY”)

Part 2 Style and Beauty. (Jennifer Loves An Apron.) (Who doesn’t?)

Part 3 How to Live Well. (“CLUTTER IS SO NOT CHIC.”)  Jennifer is also a fan of the LIFE CHANGING MAGIC OF TIDYING UP by Marie Kondo.

The first chapter of MADAME CHIC, Snacking is So not Chic.

I agree, sitting down on the sofa, eating potato chips and watching TV is SO not chic. I do better especially in the afternoon when I have a snack. Here is my favorite snack. I try to sit down and enjoy it instead of shoving it in my mouth as I go out the door. I think the point is for me, slow down, take a moment and savor what I am eating. I not only enjoy it more, I noticed that I am eating less and feel more satisfied. AND bonus round  less bloat!

I love reading lifestyle books. I love when people have their rules that they live by. It is always inspiring and motivating for me to do things a little differently and little better. You don’t have to do things exactly their way, tweak it to create a wonderful life for yourself and your family.

Let me know what if this resonates with you. I love to hear from you.



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