Menopausal Belly???

“If you heard of menopausal belly, or wondered why it’s so commonplace to misplace your cell phone and keys when you hit midlife, let go of the idea that the problem is your hormones or “early old-timer’s disease.” Don’t think that way or talk that way. It isn’t your hormones, or early dementia, or a natural part of midlife that’s got your belly sticking out and your brain muddled. It’s what you are eating. The culprit is probably grains.” Dr. Christiane Northrup, Goddesses Never Age

So what do you think about that? My belly is certainly bigger, even though I work out and eat well most of the time.

I think it is super important to keep your blood sugar stable, get off the sugar and grains. I have reduced both but over the winter but the grains have started creeping back in.

I am going grain free for two weeks and see how I feel. I will probably continue past that but as you know, I don’t want  to be overly strict. It doesn’t work well for me. Actually, it makes me crazy,” no elimination diet” for me.

Yesterday, Easter Sunday was a FUN sugar day. Sunday, is a “day off” and it is beginning to feel like I don’t really want it but I do it anyway. Tom and I have an ice cream sundae every Sunday. I will stop that for two weeks as well.

If grain free feels to extreme to you. It is a great time for the gluten free 5 day Reset program to get you back on track. It will change you from a sluggish sugar burner to a vibrant energetic fat burner!

So important to take a high quality supplements. I have the inside scoop on amazing Ageless Goddess’ supplement pac. On your way to fabulous, vibrant and healthy! I can customize a energizing pac for you here. #fitandfabulous #agelessgoddesses

Let me know if you are interested in going grain free. Always great to do it with a group. I sent a text to Ivone and Karin last night and they are in as well. Keeps us all committed!

That is it for now, let me know what you think.





3 thoughts on “Menopausal Belly???

  1. Thank you, Mary! I am in!! Taking good care of myself has been a little bit of a struggle lately but I am looking forward to doing this with you! Thanks for the inspiration and the accountability!!!!

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