Grain Free

A month ago, I posted about menopausal belly.  (This was the most popular post.) I went almost completely grain free for two weeks. I did feel better and my belly  flatter.  For me, I think it works better if I am easy on myself. I have been eating smaller portions and eating slower . Yesterday morning, I had 2 organic eggs, half a piece of Niman Ranch bacon and a half of a gluten free waffle with grass fed butter. I split everything with my son Thomas. It was completely satisfying. I didn’t feel bad about eating the waffle.  It works better for me.

I do think it is great advise to cut back on grains, legumes, and obviously sugar. It all goes back to keeping your blood sugar balanced.

Today, I made flourless almond butter bread. “Paleo Sandwich Bread” Really great ingredients, but it is important not to over due it either.  This is what happens to me when I start baking.  I want a big thick slice with grass fed butter. I do have it on hand so I will choose the bread instead of gluten free waffles. A better choice.

Fancy paleo sandwich bread!

Fancy paleo sandwich bread!

I cleaned out my kitchen cabinets and threw out all of my bread pans. I did save my  tube pan and now I can make Fancy Paleo bread! I was surprised at how well it came out.

Try the recipe and let me know how you like it. I am sure I will come up with different versions. Stay tuned…



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