What supplements do you take?

I have been getting asked about the supplements that I take. FIRST, let me tell you why I take them. Dr. Christiane Northrup told me too! These are the supplements that she list in all of her books. Her latest book Goddesses Never Age, they are included in something you do everyday. If you want to be a person that gets older but doesn’t age I suggest you get on her regimen. She has an amazing 14 day Goddesses Never Age Program to get you started.

I did not need to do any research nor do I have the background to research them. I certainly know that Dr. Northrup knows her stuff.  If they are good enough for her, they are good enough for me.

Some of my clients say they are too expensive. Would you rather spend half the price and receive very little nutritional support? Or invest in your health and make it a priority? I decided that there is nothing more important than your health. I could go off and write about my son Thomas who spent the first 13 months of his life in the hospital and came home on a ventilator. One sentence explains enough. Health is a priority for me and my family.

So I created my own AM and PM health pack. So convenient.

My Ageless Goddess Pack!  #Fitandfabulous

My Ageless Goddess Pack!


2 Antioxidants

2 Chelated Minerals

1Fish oil

1 Vision Support

1 Glucosamine

1Grape seed extract

My PM pack

2 Antioxidants

2 Chelated Minerals

1 Fish oil

1 Vision support

1 Glucosamine

1Co Q 10

At bedtime, I take Calcium Magnesium,  melatonin and liver detox. I take probiotic every day.

Here is a video from the company that describes the Quality Guaranteed.

As I am writing this, I think wow, that seems over the top. You know, it is very doable, takes 10 seconds to take your vitamins. I feel great for the most part, I get up early and workout hard three times a week, moved 5 yards of mulch this weekend, and I plan on getting better.

Fit and Fabulous…Aging Optional!

Full disclosure here. I love the products so much I decided to sell them. If you are interested in the supplements click here. If you are not in the US you can click on the link on the top right hand corner of my website that says change countries. Contact me and I can get you the best price.

So there you have it!



Do you need to contact me? I also love hearing from you.

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