Do you get outside everyday? I do. I have George the dog who needs to be walked everyday twice a day. He loves weather, rain, wind, snow, sun. He is not crazy about thunderstorms.

Lately, I go out and work in my gardens. I try to limit it to 20 minutes a day . Just that makes you feel better, even if all I am doing is pulling dandelions or picking up dog poop. It just makes you feel good.

 Grandpa Sam's wheelbarrow

Grandpa Sam’s wheelbarrow

I wanted to honor Grandpa Sam’s wheelbarrow in my blog post. I have used it for years and so did he. It makes me happy to look at it. I did buy a big 6 cubic feet with a big fat tire which makes me happy too:)

Fit and Fabulous tip…Go outside everyday if only for a few minutes. It will make you feel better. “My body was designed to move and stretch and feel strong, flexible and alive. I love the feeling.” Dr. Christiane Northrup from her book Goddesses Never Age.

My Fit and Fabulous workouts are outside all year long. Come try a class. Hula hoops, Jump ropes and so much more. I can modify for any fitness level.

That is it for now. Go outside, take a walk, pick a dandelion, plant lettuce or just sit in the sunshine. Your choice.



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