Goddesses Never Age, book celebration in NYC!

I was an invited guest to Dr. Christiane Northrup’s book celebration, Goddesses Never Age in NYC last week. It was so thrilling to be part of such an amazing night.

I got into my Subaru with three of my friends and drove into the city which is always an adventure. We made it, parked in a garage and walked over to ABC HOME & CARPET which is a beautiful space.  We enjoyed lovely snacks, vegetables and dip and sparkling water or wine served in beautiful glasses. Painting the picture for you and snacks are important.

How do I describe this? I love the confidence of Dr. Northrup, you immediately feel it when she walks on the stage. I want to be more like that. Exudes confidence. Skip the heels for me:) I know Dr. Northrup takes great care of herself and she inspires me to take better care of myself. She had acupuncture the afternoon of the event. You can see by the photo she looked amazing. Eve Ensler is also a very confident woman and the best part she had on black sneakers. Of course, I resonated with that… there is a woman who knows herself!

 Fit and Fabulous Women

Fit and Fabulous Women


I was going to break down the evening for you but here is a wonderful article by Miriam Ava, Colors of Gratitude and the Huffington Post. Worth the read. “Consider tonight a mass vaccination.”



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