Try New Things…

Try new things, change in direction…

I have been reading Goddesses Never Age by Christiane Northrup MD. which of course I highly recommend.  This was the first of I am sure many lines that I highlighted. “The anti-aging prescription is to love life, try new things, and savor your experiences.”

Dr. Northrup's book


I also attempt to sit on my meditation cushion everyday for ten minutes.  (don’t always do it but I think about it.) After my ten minutes are up, I pick an Angel card. Last week, I picked the same card twice! This is from Doreen Virtue, PH.D,  Change in Direction ” The changes you are experiencing are Divinely directed by your newborn willingness to open your heart to love and our guidance. You are protected now and in the future, so follow your path to the happy outcomes you desire.”

So this is what I did. A little scary but I did it. Dan, my husband coached me through it. ” Come on Mare, you have big strong legs, kick them up there!” And so I did! It is always great to have a cheerleader.

Looking at a life in a different way:)

Looking at a life in a different way:)

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