I almost quit!

I almost quit a few times! 30 Days of NO gluten, sugar, alcohol!  I like my life to be easy. I like having a glass of wine every night. I have been feeling very agitated!  I am doing this because I wanted to balance my hormones, I wanted to sleep better and I wanted to get rid of my burning mouth. Guess what? I am sleeping so much better and my mouth stopped burning!

Why am I so agitated???

There is a part of me that wants to have a glass of wine. It is amazing the power it has over me. I am sure I am not the only one out there. The sugar and gluten is not such a big deal.

I have to thank my accountability partner Ivone. I sent her a text yesterday that I was done! The plan was to have a daily glass of wine and stay away from sugar and gluten. I was driving to the store to buy a nice bottle of Chardonnay  when my phone rings and Ivone talks me out of it. AAAAHHH!

SO Super Bowl Sunday and I am back on track. I laid down on the floor for 30 minutes this afternoon and that really helps.

Tonight, I am making Curry Girls Kitchen Chicken Chili and Sweet Potato Nachos! I am excited that I found the Curry Girls on Instagram. It looks like they have lots of good easy recipes! More to come!



Have a fun evening!



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