I have been BENCHED!

It is time to rest, which is not an easy thing for me to do. I love working out with my group. I love how I feel when I workout. Doing pushups, mountain climbers and burpees is  all very empowering.

Sometimes your body tells you to slow down and take care of yourself. My body probably has been telling me that for awhile but I don’t like to hear it.

This weekend went spent hours in the car and my back seized up so now I really need to rest, ice and some foam rolling.  Movement is good but I can’t push it to the pain level. I tend to push through the pain as an athlete you learn to do that. Right? I don’t need to anymore. The goal is to be healthy, fit and feeling good.

So for now I have been benched.

Sometimes you just need to sit on a swing.

Sometimes you just need to sit on a swing.

Actually, I can move as I want as long as it doesn’t cause pain. Movement is good, pain causes inflammation. It is especially important to be taking my supplements now. They will help reduce the inflammation in my body.

How do you do with taking time off from working out? Does it make you cranky, irritable or are you happy to have a break? I would love to hear from you.

Take away…be nice to yourself!



5 thoughts on “I have been BENCHED!

  1. Hey Mary,I see where you are own in the back and you love to stay moving.  Fear not…try FOUNDATION TRAINING!  FT, is basically therapy, stretching ad a workout all rolled into one.  I have had chronic back pain sine college…since FT back pain is pretty much gone all the time.FT focus is on lengthening and strengthening the posterior chain…hams, glutei, calves,feet, core, erector spinae and any muscles in the back of the body.  FT, is somewhat similar to yoga but better in my opinion.  there is also a breathing element involved.  I have been teaching FT for almost 2 years.  I mainly work with people with balance and posture issues…FT improves everything.go to steveygaddis.com and/or foundationtraining.com to learn more.if you have a question let me know.if you order something…order from my site please.I am not joking FT works and I have helped a lot of people who learn FT. MOVEMENT MATTERS Stevey 

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