Amazing things are happening…

This morning at my workout two of my winter warriors shared that they showed a group of people over the weekend the LONG and LEAN portion of our workout.

I end every class in the same way because it is so effective. It is based on Dr. Eric Goodman’s Foundation Training. Read more here.

These exercises really open you up. They strengthen, stretch and support. I am so grateful because I certainly feel a difference in my body. My clients do too!

Joyce was at a retreat this weekend and she led the group in the exercise.  Kristin led the training after a informal OutdoorFit burger dinner. I love their enthusiasm and I am so grateful that what I am doing at the workout is being shared with family and friends!

This is what creates momentum and empowerment. Fit and Fabulous…Aging Optional!


My Gym!

My Gym!

“Be open to Everyday Magic!”

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