Be The Exception.

It is January. It has been a cold, dreary, damp month. I have been listening to podcasts about enthusiasm and optimism. It is a push to feel that way. I am taking baby steps every day to choose what feels better. This morning, I started my day with OutdoorFit. I had two new ladies join the workout. Last Friday, I did a Fit and Fabulous… Aging Optional presentation at the Little Silver Library. These two brave souls decided to give the class a try. It is not easy to start during Winter Warrior season, yet it is the best time. It is empowering to do things that most people won’t do. Be The Exception. It made me feel good to introduce the new ladies to the seasoned OutdoorFit athletes who are in their 60’s,70’s and 80’s!

I am still plunging with the Plungettes! Plunging in the ocean with your friends in January really boosts your spirits. One of the ladies suffers from seasonal depression. She has been fine this year. We are still able to stay in for 5 minutes and 30 seconds. 11 minutes per week is the magic number to receive the optimum benefit from cold plunges according to Andrew Huberman, PhD.

In order to feel enthusiastic and optimistic, I need to feel strong and empowered. What I eat is very important. I am increasing my protein intake and decreasing my snacks. We will see how this goes! This is what I had for breakfast today.

Who knew scrambled eggs and cottage cheese was so delicious?

What are you doing to feel good? Any inspiration to share? I love simplicity. Are you inspired by eggs and cottage cheese?



2 thoughts on “Be The Exception.

  1. Bravo, Mary. You are an inspiration to all of us. Not sure if I think the Plungetts are amazing or just plain nuts.😂 Actually, I think you all are amazing and I wish I had the courage to join you. However, I did join your Outdoor Fit group at age 78, (7 years ago), and cannot express adequately the benefits I have reaped. After my first class with Mary, I had 10 reasons not to go back. Thankfully, I pushed myself and am so glad I did. “Move It Or Lose It”!! I’m

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